In this melting pot of negativity, feeling bad comes easily to each one of. Our mind and body, over the years, has absorbed the negativity of the world outside and has learnt to react reflexively in a negative manner from within. To keep a stable set of mind and a positive outlook towards the world outside, one has to train really hard in this day and age.

While some claim feeling good to be an illusion, others swear it to be a tangible good. Illusion or not, feeling good is no more secondary to people. Having reaped the benefits of it at least once in life time, more and more are aiming to achieve the art of feeling good.


Following are few ways to feel good:

  1. Act

Feeling good is a reaction ignited by an action. Learn to act good and fair at all time. Be kind to all, be helpful all the time, as all these would make you feel good about yourself every waking hour.

  1. Attention

Pay close attention to the world around you. The knowledge of your blessings that others are deprived of would make you feel good on a day when things seem to be going downhill.

This knowledge would further make you do your part of making this world a better place to live in.

  1. An eye for positivity

One has to make an effort to see positivity in the most negative of things. School your body and mind to find goodness in all to feel good all the time. Marking out negatives is an easy task with negative returns whereas one has to seek out positives, result of which is always positive.

  1. Yoga

To feel goodness, one needs to train physically and mentally. Yoga, for ages now, has been helping people to build a positive and calm state of mind. A calm and composed soul would always feel good and therefore, yoga should be an integral part of our fitness regimen.

  1. Environment

The environment around you plays an important part in feeling good. Choose an environment which promises positivity and would help you feel good all the time.

  1. The act of giving

Nothing can beat the feeling of giving. It enriches one’s soul with the feeling of being able to make a change, which in turn makes one feel good about self.

Giving doesn’t need an excuse, give without a reason or season and feel the feeling of goodness wash over you.

  1. Goals

Setting goals, having plans to achieve these goals and achieving goals would hit you with the feeling of goodness at the most blandest of times.

  1. Take a break

Mundane lifestyle hampers us from feeling good. Take a break from the hustle bustle of daily life, take up a hobby, explore new places, meet new people and capture the feeling of being able to feel good.

  1. Master the art of forgiveness

Most fail to feel good due to the inability of letting go. Master the art of forgiving and forgetting as holding on to negativity would hinder you from feeling good about self and others.

  1. Let go of stress

Finally, stressing over not being able to feel good might hold you back from feeling good as well. Let go of your obsession of perfecting the art of feeling good as it would hold you back from achieving goodness in its concentrated form.

Feeling good doesn’t come from inaction, it is a result of consistent action.