Facebook has become a huge part of our life now and here are a few tips to master the art of Facebook:

  1. Continuity: Always make sure that you’re constantly online and in knowledge of what is happening. Don’t go missing for too long. Keep posting things every now and then.
  2. Awareness: Be aware of the things that are changing and trending. It’s a must for anyone who wishes to be a pro on Facebook.
  3. Humanity: Do something good on a human level like open a donation page or help someone through your account. This will not only gain you followers but you can become the centre of attention.
  4. Communicate: The social in social media stands for it. Make sure you communicate with people. Befriend them and make small talks. It helps in gaining popularity and you might even forget to notice how such a small effort can gain you so much.
  5. Humor: Everybody likes humor. It is always good to throw a nice, random post that makes everyone laugh or bring a smile through your post at the least. Humor is appreciated by everyone and it can go a long way.
  6. Target audience: Know who your audience is and know what they want. Try to post stuff you think they will choose to notice and do it often. Avid posting controversial things or the things that can hurt someone’s morale like a racist picture or something like that. It is a big no-no.
  7. Creative: Try to be creative when it comes to your profile. Play a little with your images and your basic information. You’ll be surprised at what wonders it could do to your timeline.
  8. Secrecy: Try to maintain your secrecy. Don’t be just too out in the open. Let your followers be curious about you. It will help you maintain the attention they seek.
  9. Participate: Always participate in various activities and contests that facebook has laid out for you. Sometime it helps you gain tokens and also helps in getting lots of benefits.
  10. Like for like: As lame as it sounds, it actually works. You are only as good as your like. You will get the likes in return of what you have liked. SO make sure you like people’s post even if it is contradicting your thoughts.
  11. Monitor: Keep a check on what you are doing on facebook. Don’t just rant unnecessarily about anything and annoy people. Be distinct but be informative. Go through things before you post them.
  12. Real: Keep your things original. There is no value of copied ideas once it is known. Use your imagination to get creative. Don’t ape. It is a big turn-off.

Be calm and patient: Don’t let those unwanted game requests or messages get to you. Avoid it calmly.