History is filled with people who have changed the world. These personalities have influenced the way future generations thought and worked.  Given below are seven such highly admired individuals who have changed the world in their own way.

Time Berners-Lee: In the year 1989, Time Berners-Lee changed the world by starting the World Wide Web. He is responsible for designing and developing the first ever web browser, server, and editor. Time Berners-Lee revolutionized technology and how information was being created and more importantly, he has revolutionized how information is being consumed. Today, our world has been confined to the web world that Time Berners-Lee has created.

Nelson Mandela: One of the most influential personalities in the history, Nelson Mandela changed the world when he stood against apartheid (a policy that denied voting rights to black citizens and discriminated against them). In the year 1964, he was imprisoned for aggressively opposing racisms, but on his release, in the year 1990 he was elected as the President of the African National Congress. He eventually ended apartheid for which he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Mahatma Gandhi: Known to lead India to its Independence, Mahatma Gandhi has been immortalized in history for the way he has changed the world with his teachings. He started a peaceful protest like the civil disobedience that brought in new philosophies.


Albert Einstein: A genius, Albert Einstein is yet another well-known figure who changed the world. His most popular work known as the ‘General Theory of Relativity’ made him a celebrated and acknowledged scientist. And, of course the formula of Energy that changed how science was perceived. Though his inventions were misused, he made an appeal to all the countries to stop the use of the nuclear weapons.

Robert Noyce and Jack Kilby: Two of the most influential personalities in the field of technology are Robert Noyce and Jack Kilby. They are known for inventing the single integrated circuit. This invention of theirs in the year 1959 was the solution for more powerful and faster computers. They both revolutionized the field of technological miniaturization. Though the Nobel Prize was awarded to Kilby, the revolution could not be possible without Noyce’s contribution. He was the one who added the silicon-based chips. In the year 1968, Noyce co-founded Intel that till date is known as the leading manufacturer of semiconductors. Kilby in the same year invented a personal calculator, the first ever.

Karl Marx: A social philosopher, Karl Marx’s philosophies on economic and sociology brought in a drastic change in the world. He attacked the state for its discriminating methods and fought for a future where everyone was treated equal. The Communist Manifesto has a detailed explanation about his theory. His theories ultimately led to communism and the Russian Revolution. In fact, by the time 1950s started, most of the country had adopted communism.

Charles Darwin: Charles Darwin’s theories and findings radically changed the outlook on religion and science. A Naturalist by profession, his book ‘The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection’ (1859) provoked some of the most violent reaction. He challenged the Bible’s theory, which till date is debatable. Darwin’s theories made people realized that there is something beyond religion and this changed the world.