The rule of 80/20 means by putting minimum efforts how we can get the maximum results. This is called the Pareto Principle. You have to just make sure that you are allocating more of your time on a process through which you can gain maximum results and moreover, the result that you desire. You can use link building tactics like the following:
Evergreen Content
You have to put content that is never outdated. This way the content that you put today will be useful to the people in the future too. This increases their reliability and generates loyalty in the audience that you are targeting.
You have to put content that is evergreen and that will come in to use even after a few years just like it does now. For example, Wikipedia has put content that people search all day long and we have been using it since over a decade. They may keep improving the content, but they don’t change it entirely. This helps in building a strong base for your brand.
You can also put up blog posts, various tutorials and many other things for you audience so that they can always reference to it. This helps in the growth of your profile.
Get links from ranking pages
The pages that have good rankings in turn become a very good source of links for the brands that want to build their links. These are useful because they send traffic to your website and also increase the ranking power to your site by sending links. This can be done through Q & A sessions, discussions, blog commenting, and many other things. They constantly receive visitors and hence getting their links would mean the visitors get diverted to your website.
Using Images to build links
Whether it is an infographic or a photo or a meme or a GIF or anything else, images are always there on the internet. They always create a greater impact on the audience. You should always use images when you are trying to build links as it creates a lot of impact on the people and generates higher turnover. Images are also known to stay longer in a person’s mind than what they read. Hence, subconsciously they remember the image for a long time.


Product Reviews
If you get reviews for your products online, you will receive links. Such links can be used for your potential buyers to draw them towards your products. It helps maintain a positive nature towards your products and if there are good reviews, it also generates a sense of trust among your buyers because someone has used it and shared their views online for the other buyers know. These reviews are also used as good references.
Getting links from your Twitter followers

You can import the list of your followers on twitter and engage them. Since they are already your followers, contacting them wouldn’t be as difficult. You can also separate the ones that have websites and blogs and contact them to build your links.