Building links help to popularize the websites by driving more traffic. This can be done by emailing webmasters to send links however; this becomes traditional and monotonous after a while.

There are various other creative strategies adopted by SEOs and others to build links. Some of them are listed below:

  • Interviews with Experts – Several people who manage blogs are experts in their individual fields of work. Conducting or asking experts for interviews and then sharing these on the website with readers or even on social media can build links and popularity. Conducting interviews of experts who already have a popular press page ready further boosts the link percentage chance.
  • Infographics –This refers to simplifying complex data easy to understand for the readers by way of content, graphics, images or videos. Links can be built from infographics with the inclusion of embed codes at the bottom of each infographic from which people can link back and thereafter, following the promotion strategies for popularizing the blog posts.
  • Quizzes –Several blogs have gained recognition through quizzes by using link creation means through link bait. Creation of viral quizzes with the right keywords also builds authority and brand. Replicating such strategies can build numerous links.


Some of the points to be kept in mind with respect to quizzes include – ensuring that the quiz is related to the website, excessive anchor texts should not be used, links to the quiz page should be provided, etc.

  • Personalized Videos – Many blogs and SEOs create personalized videos pertaining to their websites, which have a link stated at the end of the video that could be shared with others through blogs or emails. Creative and funny video concepts that allow personalization of the video can help to leverage the building of links.
  • Sponsor Events – Sponsoring events helps in the easy building of links as events always list the names of their sponsors, especially conferences.
  • Sponsor NGOs –Sponsoring non-profit organizations by giving away freebies of the product/ services always gets one a link in their press pages or websites in return. One does not have to pay any amount for this and obtain the same merely on volunteer work.
  • Pictures – High quality stock images though eye-catching are expensive to incorporate. One can start taking high quality photos themselves of anything related to their industry and upload the same on the websites as royalty free images with a condition that people need to link back if any of the clicked images are being used by them. This tactic helps to get relevant links as most of the people within the industry are likely to use the images.
  • Press Exposure –Getting the press to write about the company always is advantageous in obtaining links. Reporters always link if they cover the company. For more reasonable ventures, one can learn how to get one’s own press or approach local PR agencies.
  • Giveaways –Most people love to get freebies, be it expensive or cheap. Providing bloggers with brand related swags can gain the company links and exposure.