Before writing and reading becomes a lost art, here they are, romancing digital devices. The question is: Do you want to be a reader or writer?

It is a platform that publishes blogs, and it was founded by Biz Stone and Ev Williams (who also happen to be the co-founders of Twitter) that is every bit for the writers. It is too easy to read and/or publish, with a magazine like feel without advertising. Medium is a platform that publishes blogs.

Medium was launched just two years ago by the co-founders of Twitter. Medium is a new area on our beloved Internet, where different people share stories and ideas that exceed the 140 characters limit, which is strictly applied by Twitter. Now, Medium looks like a blogging platform like any other, a system that manages content, but was designed for numerous short stories that will make your day and kind of manifestos that can change this world of ours. It will help you find the right kind of audience so that you can easily say anything that you want to say.


When it was the time of its launch, it was not noticed, the contradiction of the idea that Medium is a kind of publication, “a Medium” is a genre and the brain child of the founders so that whoever wanted the right kind of audience to convey their message, could easily do it. Over these last two years, momentum of Medium has been building, as it grows, the tension between these feelings are beginning to become more obvious with each passing day. In the these recent days, five completely different posts have been circulated widely in the social media, and all housed at the

You may be wondering that how does a reader would find you? You can be easily found through the collections, people can add you in their own collection, just like in Flipbook. You should tweet and promote and retweet your own Medium content on your existing networks. Twitter is the index for the Medium posts, you should want to tweet constantly your posts to get them read and found by people, and voted on possibly. (Being recommended and voted is your best chance for getting any traction and Twitter followers through Medium.) And without the regular dose of retweets of your posts on Medium, they are most likely to sink down to the bottom. Stories recommended and written by publications and people you follow on Medium are delivered to your homepage and digest emails.

One of the only obstacles of Medium would be incentives. Medium definitely degrades authorship. People blog for their living. The want their production to help them make some money, and so they should get. Pushing the author to the background may be great for the consumers, not the readers.
Medium has to find different ways to give incentives to the professional bloggers, who are also some of the best creators. A  thought: Creators could use the creation itself to increase their credibility.