Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in October 1869. His early life was simple and more of job oriented in the most simplistic manner. Gandhi remained an ordinary figure in the early years of his life but became a sound political entity and spiritual leader in times to come. He never wanted fame in his life but even now he is well respected and considered as ideal by many.

Gandhi was the founder of many social reforms which are presently active and practiced in modern India. Most famous of them are ahimsa and satyagraha. He led the campaign of slats to be owned by India since the British rulers failed to regularize its sale and started owning themselves. In doing so, many demonstrations also took place as a result of which Gandhi along with many others were also arrested.

Gandhi’s greatest gift ti Indians of sub continent was his struggle for their freedom. He as a result of his untiring efforts was able to convince Irwin to sit on a round table conference in London and negotiate the peace talks with respect to freedom of India. Before that, struggle for Indian independence was very minimal in the subcontinent until Gandhi decided to step into political fray of British ruled India. But it is also true that Gandhi initially backed away from politics as he realized the real intentions of Indian businessmen which was to gain power and not independence primarily.

Gandhi’s miracle of Calcutta is famous amongst all historians. He became a one man army and was able to influence Muslims and Hindus alike which brought an end to hindu muslim riots in Calcutta.


In the year 1947, Gandhi was finally able to free India from British rule and win them a free world to live in. It would not have been possible without gallant efforts of Gandhi. He since then became idol for the Hindus of the subcontinent.

Soon after independence in 1948, a war broke out between Pakistan and India and millions of people died from both sides. Gandhi could not see this happening and also could not see it coming to an end. He then decided upon his life that he will not eat or drink anything until the ceasefire is decided upon by both sides. Finally, the war ended. Leaders, political and military, from both sides sat on the table and signed a peace agreement stating that will stay in peace and harmony with each other.

Gandhi lived a life dedicated for some purpose and cause. He believed in himself and was able to perform maximum tasks in the most befitting and memorable manner. Gandhi never looked back and was always in search of some mission to accomplish and what better than to grant millions of Hindus of sub continent with their freedom for lifetime.