We are all familiar with Albert Einstein and also we know that he was a Brainiac. Well what kind of Brainiac he was and what services did he rendered to science will be discussed in this article. Albert Einstein is famous because he derived mass energy relationship which was impossible but he made that possible by his timeless efforts and devotion to his work and helped reshape the structure of science that we know today. Einstein also discovered law of photo electric effect which helped in developing the quantum theory. Albert Einstein’s two major contributions to science are:

  • General theories of relativity
  • Photons and quantum theory

Albert Einstein was interested in mathematics and specially calculus and geometry in mathematics from his teenage. He was a dedicated person from the beginning and also a thoughtful person which made him think and develop something out of the ordinary. In the beginning of his career, he thought that Newton’s mechanics is not enough in explaining current mechanics, so with the help of mechanics and electromagnetic field he developed his theory of relativity. During his early findings he published a paper on general relativity. He continued his pace and worked out quantum theory and statical mechanics which helped him explain ‘motion of molecules’ and ‘particle theory’. He also worked on thermal properties of light that led to the foundation of ‘photon theory of light’. All these findings helped him expand his studies on a larger scale and he applied them to the structure of the universe.

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Einstein’s early work consisted of observations. He observed uniform motion of a non-accelerated object with respect to the other one. His results determined that when two objects are moving at great speeds with respect to one another, they will contradict about their time interval and measurements of length in each other’s system. He developed that speed of light is the basic limiting speed of all bodies that occupy some mass and that energy and mass are equivalent. He also assessed equivalence in inertia and gravitation. That is how he formulated the relation for his famous equation E=mc2. He also worked on other theories side by side in which he attempted to explain electromagnetism, gravitation, unified field theory and sub atomic phenomena.


Other than theory of relativity, Albert Einstein is also known for his exceptional work in the development of quantum theory. His extensive study of light helped him develop this theory. In 1905 he theorized photoelectric effect which he based upon photons (light quanta) and presented theory of specific heat. Well it wasn’t that much successful as the theory of relativity but it did provided the basics and leading figures which later helped in determining quantum theory. Well the consequence with his theory was that he subjected these efforts with unified field theory which made it unhealthy.

Albert Einstein dreamed his theories with beauty and most of his observations were based upon his studies of the universe. With this idea, he succeeded brilliantly with theory of relativity but quantum theory was found to be stuck with this idea.