Yes, we know that our very favorite, late Mr. Steve Jobs contradicted the idea of using the stylus but back then, he was only introducing like a 3.5-inch phone. For that, a stylus was highly unnecessary, but for the new tabs and phones that the Apple Inc have launched, an Apple Stylus is a must have.

What is an Apple Stylus?

It is a pencil like a long stick that feels like any other pen but is not. Ever since we were kids, we have been taught how to hold a pen or a pencil in our hands. So, we are accustomed to using it and hence, this Apple Stylus is convenient. The grip is easier for us because we are used to it. You may think it works just like a pencil but in fact, it is so much more than that. It is a perfectly designed stick like during a device that is used to draw or write on an iPad.

How does it work?

This is the one question that you don’t need to ask. You just pick it up and start scribbling or writing or anything you want to put on your note. It is that simple. It gives you your creative freedom so you can unleash the innovative artist in you.


Features of Apple Stylus:

  • It has colors. Yes, as unlikely as it sounds, it does have it. You can use colors to make any colorful portrait you want to. You can hold it comfortably, and it will never hold you back. It will give you just what you need and with the ease you need.
  • It is latent. The distance between its tip and the paper is so small that it is imperceptible to us. This is what makes the writing or the drawing so much fluent. You think about what you want to do, how you want to do it and, it does it for you.
  • It has a gentle touch. So, the kind of lines that you want to draw depends on how much pressure you are putting on the stylus. If you want to draw thicker lines, you can do it by just adding more weight.
  • You can charge the stylus by just removing its magnetic cap and connecting it to your iPad. Something as little as 15 minutes of charging will help you in using it for a long while.
  • In case you are wondering about the shading part of this new Apple Stylus, well, you just have to tilt it, and it will do the shading for you. The in-built tilt sensors enable the stylus to shade whatever and however the user wants to do it.

The Apple Stylus is an epitome of class, convenience, and creativity. The amount you will have to pay is $99 but if you can buy an iPad, then this is not something that you will think twice about buying it. Its glossy finish doesn’t look like a pencil but feels like one. It is that average and that extraordinary.