Whenever we decide to live either in the past or in the future, we are only missing out on what is there in the present. We often think about what had happened in the past and lose ourselves into something that doesn’t hold any importance today. This makes us lose on the good opportunities that are coming our way at the moment. Or, we often get engrossed in thinking about what might happen in the future and its consequences that we forget to live in the present. We know that time doesn’t wait for anyone. So, we have to ensure that we are living our present lives to the fullest and not robbing ourselves of the wonderful moments that each moment brings us.

The only thing that matters is to live in the present. Here are a few tips on how to fully live in the present:

  1. Remove unnecessary things:
    What is not doing you good now, will not do you any good in the future also. Therefore, it is wise to stop wasting your time pondering over it. Start eliminating things of the past that are not benefitting you in the present.
  2. Smile:


Start your day with a smile as the morning brings endless possibilities with itself. You have to just be happy and positive. Instead of depending on external factors to bring you happiness, become the master of your own emotions.

  1. Appreciate the present:
    You have to learn to enjoy and appreciate what you have today and be thankful for it. They say,”Present is a gift”. Indeed. Learn to accept it.

Soak in as much of today as you possibly can – the sights, the sounds, the smells, the emotions, the triumph, and the sorrow.

  1. Forgive past hurts:

If you have been hurt in the past and you carry it in your present, you will never be able to truly be happy. Forgiving and letting go of the past is a must in order to move forward in life. Taking it with you will only cause you trouble.  

  1. Love your job:

Our work is an externally important aspect of our lives that at times in a source of stress. This actually should not be the case, your job should be something that you love and not something that causes you unhappiness. The best way to do this is to love what you do and if not, then do what you love. This way you can appreciate the time you invest at your workplace.

  1. Plan for the future, work in the present:
    It is normal to dream about the future and to have plans. But with that, working hard in the present is equally important. Don’t let your day-dreaming keep you away from working hard. Your dreams will mean nothing if you don’t do something for it.
  2. Don’t sulk over past accomplishments:

Success and failure are two sides of the same coin, therefore, you will win at times, but also loose at times. Enjoy your success learn from your failures and move on in life. Make sure you don’t let that failure overshadow your present and future success.

  1. Stop worrying:
    You can’t be happy at one place if you are in two minds. You have to change what you don’t like and let go of what you can’t change. Learn to be happy with the things you have and more importantly be around things that make you happy.