A person sitting in a long que waiting for his turn to make the best of the available opportunities by being interviewed for his dream job. The only thing he is lacking is the lack of self-confidence that whether he will be selected or not or for that matter, will the interview go smooth enough to support his selection? This is criminal. In today’s fast paced world, lacking self-confidence is more or less a sin. If it is your dream job, then go and make it count. Be sure that they will not kill you if you answered wrong.

Confidence is knowing yourself while keeping an eye on the things happening around you. In short it is self-awareness as well as situational awareness. If you are confident enough about your personality and skills that you possess, then there is no force in this world that can stop you from becoming what you want. Once a person asked Dalai Lama that who can make this world a better place? He very gently replied that the person who can realize his own potential and possesses self confidence in his abilities, he is the one.


Confidence is something that every person is born with. It just gets lost somewhere along the road as you grow up. Some are able to attain it and make full use of it. While those who feel lacking it lacks in almost every field. But as already described that it is just the ability of self-awareness and situational awareness, it can be regained at any stage of your life.

Try to find your strengths and weaknesses. Every person have former and latter. It will be even better if you can make a list of both. Write down at least five of each category. Now is the time to work on them. If your lists are correct, then you need to practice strengths and improve upon those areas that give you room to play with. Within few days, you will feel to enjoy the strengths while overcoming your weaknesses simultaneously. This will give you sense of achievement as well as feeling of fulfillment in your day to day activities as well.

Positivity is the key in being confidence. People often stress out and starts thinking the worst possible outcome of a small little situation. What if I say that do the same but positively. By that I mean that start thinking of being successful in every venture that you undertake. Some might claim that predicting future is living in a dreamland. But we do the same as just explained when one person is stressed out. This leads us to one important aspect of life and that is to think positively even if you attempt going against the wind.

Confidence is not a myth. More than half of the successful people you meet every day made it big at some stage of their life when their confidence was sky high in what they believed doing and finally achieved it by their sheer confidence and hard work.