Success comes manifold. Successful people will never tell others what they did to be such a success. Life itself will not tell you anything. It is the individual person that will shape his or her destiny the way he wants. So what is it that one needs to be something in the present world?

There are many traits that you may hear as a response to question I asked above. Some say it is hard work and nothing else. Others will point towards the startup investment if you have else there is no point of investing small amount. Genius would say innovate and create. I would say Believe in yourself.

There is no substitute to the fact that you have faith in you that you can do it. There is no better a driving force than this alone mantra of believing in yourself. It comes from within. It cannot be taught. It is you who can inspire your own self and make it big out in the world.

Take the example of Steve Jobs. His famous quote still invigorates blood within many when he said “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”. Probing more into the statement will help us realize what he actually said. The first part is very clear which is to crave for what you want and work for it. Second part is the actual catch when he said to stay foolish. It has a very simple meaning of believing in yourself and work for something you believe in. That’s how the world should listen to you. He himself is the best example of this statement. His idea of ipod and then iphone with touch screen was thought by almost all of the people as a vague idea and unrealistic. He pursued his goal and finally gave the present world probably the best ever product that could wish for. He was able to achieve this because he had a belief in himself. He believed in what he dreamt and worked hard day in and day out to achieve it.


Believing the fact that you are specialist in one field and can do wonders in that very field, then do not wait for others to start or for that matter give you a head start. Just take your initiative because deep down your heart you know that you will be able to do it.

Life is short and there are probably many things that a person desires to achieve in his or her lifetime. Do you think you should just wait and wait until you think it’s the right moment? Just go and make it right for yourself. It’s your life and everything related to it is your own responsibility. If it make you misfit amongst the odds, then you are because it is you who believes in yourself and your goals. The others may well sit at the same very place after 20 years and still cannot make any difference to their lives. So stay hungry and stay foolish. Go and make it count.