Do you have any habits that can harm your lifestyle, career or maybe relationship? Maybe you sleep too much and eventually reach late everywhere, maybe you always postpone your daily tasks, always get distracted when trying to study or maybe you are addicted to internet or TV and it is effecting your eyesight.

Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.

– Benjamin Franklin, American investor and politician.

Bad habits mentioned above and others can put you in great trouble and difficulty. You might lose your job, lose respect or you can have a bad reputation. Bad habits can limit your career and lives and thus proves to be a great obstacle in achieving your dream.

To have bad habits doesn’t mean that you are a bad person. Every person good or bad has some bad habits, some habits that he wants to leave but cannot because he is either too much involved or addicted to that habit. Another reason why bad habits are hard to break is because in the start, they seem like very enjoyable habits which we want to do again and again because they give us pleasure or joy.

One sign of bad habit is that it’s very addictive. We usually start bad habits when we are bore or in stress. To end our boredom and stress, we try habits such as nail biting or wasting time on internet which are some very common bad habits.

Breaking bad habits can be a tough task but not impossible. By following some rules and applying some strategies we can easily break our bad habits or turn them into a good one.

First, it is possible to change a bad habit into a good one and vice versa. Suppose your bad habit is that you respond late to e-mails that delay your work. First thing you need to do is to open your e-mail as soon as you are connected. Read every e-mail and respond to the ones you need to. In this way, you’ll feel satisfied and accomplished which will eventually help you in breaking that habit.

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Another way is to find a way to substitute your bad habit into a good one. You’ll need to replace your bad habit with a good one. Like when you feel bored, instead of biting your nails try to do something more productive. You should have a plan for what to do when you feel bore.

Try to think what drives you to bad habits. It can be a financial problem or maybe a personal one. Change your attitude into a positive one. Try to solve that problem, find peace with your matters so that it will not compel you to get addicted to bad habits.

To conclude, bad habits are difficult to break because you don’t tend to leave anything that gives you pleasure or happiness even if it’s harming you. You might fail several times but with positive attitude and self determination you can do it!