Vaping in the music scene has become a welcomed trend as a bond between cultures forms to show the desire for societal progress.
Music culture has always had a special place for cigarettes. Whether hanging out of the mouth of Keith Richards or Bob Dylan, cigarettes and rock music went together for a long time. Like most other genres from jazz to indie to electronic music – you’ll find a lot of people taking smoke breaks outside the club or venue at your average concert.
As cigarettes became more and more universally ridiculed, the prominence of vaping in the music scene began to increase. Cigarettes were no longer a symbol of something cool and rebellious, but rather a symbol of carelessness and lack of concern for those around you.
Musicians everywhere began to take a more conscious look at their health and ask if cigarettes were something that was worth the impact on their health and lifestyle.


Vaping and Smoketastic continues to be a popular replacement for smokers. Offering a lighter, less smelly, and healthier choice, vaping has the same cool, rebellious nature that cigarettes once did without the horrific health impacts.
One of the biggest benefits for musicians considering making the switch to vaping is cost. Switching to vaping from smoking can result in significant savings.
While many of the prominent musicians mentioned earlier may not need to worry about the cost, those just getting going in their careers can notice a serious benefit by switching. If you’re living in a tour van, surviving on fast food and ramen, vaping may be the perfect option to save some much-needed money.
Vaping can also be a good move for singers. If you’ve ever smoked, you know how harsh it can be on your voice. Smoking also causes the body to produce mucus. Mucus forces singers to clear their throat. When in the middle of a show, clearing the throat is far from the best way to get the crowd engaged.
Laryngitis and bronchitis are two typical symptoms that smokers develop. These two ailments can reduce the range of singers and inhibit their ability to fully express themselves. By switching to vaping, singers can likely eliminate some of this strain and preserve their voices.