Workplaces can be full of surprises. Fist fights is a rarity but workplaces in the present times come up with bosses and colleagues that are difficult to tackle. Tough day at work can be made even tougher if you have stringent colleagues and an equally stringent boss. Difficult people come in wide variety. Some are talkative and never listen. Some are assertive and just criticize. Difficult people will tend to compete with their peers in privileges and incentives. Dealing with them productively is always an issue for you.

In order to tackle such difficult people at your workplace, following tips will surely help you:-

–           It is important to remember that we are all humans. We all have our rough patches and experience times which are trickier to handle. If you find people at your workplace undergoing such situation, disarm them by asking them about themselves and letting them know that you are there if they need any help. Make yourself their ally rather than opponent.

–           Sometime sit is better to be upfront with some of the people. If someone is pointing at you and blaming you for nothing, stand upright for yourself. Take that person to a corner and ask him what is so wrong done by you. He may counter your argument by apology or may even counter accuse. In either case, he will think twice before pointing finger at you.

–           In the modern era, aggression is considered to be uncontrollable. It is important to make people cool down if they are talking to you aggressively. It is true in case of customers or for that matter your boss himself.

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–           It is important to be mindful of various health issues that one may be undergoing. In this regard, it is very important to know if a person is habitual of making disproportionate comments or aggressive arguments. Such are the times when you should keep cool and completely rely on your logic and behavior. This will not only keep the overall situation   calm but will also inculcate right logic in the mindset of the others.

–           If none of the above methods work and the person in question is out of control, then it is time to make efforts to form an alliance and try to get control of the situation otherwise. Another method is to launch an official complaint which is supported by substantiate evidence. This may create differences between yourself and other people but this will surely help to improve the office environment as a whole.

These tips are for the sane to understand and implement. It may not work out completely but it surely will help to control the situation to an extent that two oppositions are on one table to sit down and resolve the situation. In the end, it is your dealing with that person which will make some difference to you and your working environment as a whole.