The sad demise of Dr. Wayne Dyer on the 30th of August 2015 has saddened the Hay House family together will lots of people around the world. Hay was known to have a profound influence on his fellow authors at Hay House.

Here are some of Facebook tributes directed towards Wayne Dyer

A mentor, teacher and a friend to many, Dr. Dyer will definitely be missed by many people.

Doreen Virtue

The heavens have got an angel- May Lord bless Dr. Dyer, who is currently in heaven. Wayne, we will all miss you! Thanks for the friendship, the support and inspiration you accorded me over the years and for the great work you did on the planet. Though I am sad at his passing, I am now sure that his soul is now free to rest, teach and explore.

Dr. Christine Northrup

Dr. Wayne Dyer and I used to have some wonderful moments. Despite the sadness and shock about his death, the sudden exit of Wayne’s body on the Super Moon night in Pisces, I will always celebrate him on how he chose to live; Happy, healthy and dead.


Oprah Winfrey

I always had a pleasure to talk to Dr. Wayne Dyer concerning the big questions in life. He always had great answers. RIP Wayne.

Gabby Bernstein

My friend, my teacher and my inspiration, thanks Dr. Wayne for the support, your truth, your love and commitment.

Nancy Levin

While working as the event director at Hay House for the past 12 years, I had the sheer joy and great honor of travelling around the globe with Dr. Wayne. I also shared stage with him for some few years.

Louise Hay

Dr. Wayne Dyer, a good friend of mine passed away today. Affirmations for him and his great family. Definitely he will be shining down upon all of us from the other side.

Sonia Chquette

Dr. Wayne Dyer, my beloved friend has made transition into light. It was fortunate to have known him for the past fifteen years. His guidance assisted me through some of the most challenging passages of my own life. Dr. Wayne Dyer was gently, generous, loving, gentle and kind. It was a blessing to have him in my life. The heavens are celebrating his return. Please lets come together and celebrate his profound healing impact on earth.

Brendon Burchard

We have lost Dr. Wayne Dyer today. He is not only one of the greeted teachers in the personal development space but also one of the most inspiring, kindest and wisest men I have ever met. He had a profound impact on my work and life. I am really saddened to hear his passing. Actually it was a blessing to spend time with Dr. Wayne and his family. Dr. Wayne was a bright and humble person. I am sure his fans and readers will mourn at this news together with all the Hay House authors and everyone who was guided by his work. I am sending love to the entire Hay House community, his entire loving family and to everyone who will honor this great man.