Anyone who possess followers is a leader. If someone’s actions motivate others to learn, dream and do more than that person is a true leader. But the thing that is required here is that how someone can be an effective leader or in other words what is an effective leadership. Leadership can be defined as the relation between the leader and its followers and how they both combine their efforts to tackle the situation.

Leadership can be made effective by several ways through proper guidance and hold of the leader. It can be the effort of a single person or more. Generally it is the ability of an individual.

  • A leader can motivate, influence and force others to take part and contribute their role in effective success of the organization.
  • He can articulate vision, exemplify the values and can create environment of excellence.
  • He can employ techniques to mobilize political, psychological, institutional and economic resources to engage, arouse, gratify and create an impulse to fulfil needs of its followers.

The above mentioned ways help to direct a group towards successful achievement of a specific task. All the leader has to do is to focus on people and let them do the right things, influence, inspire, motivate, shape and build entities to work with collaboration.

Leadership can be expressed in various places and ways. It is a manner and approach required for implementing plans in effective way. There are many leadership styles which are entirely based upon the situation and nature of the project. There are three basic leadership styles:

Chart depicting the leadership style of transformational leaders

Chart depicting the leadership style of transformational leaders


In this form of leadership, a leader provide clear instructions and expectations about what should be done and how it should be done. Leader and followers are clearly integrated and leader makes the decisions of the whole group.


It is a democratic leadership style which is the most effective leadership style of all. Group members are allowed to take part in discussions and opinions and the leader finalize the main idea that is better suited for the conditions. In this type of leadership leader encourages its members to participate, express and criticize on the given situation. In this way group members feel themselves engaged for better creation and act effectively.



It is less productive in all leadership forms. Leader offer no guidance and leave decision making up to the group members and they are free to act under the circumstances.


All three leadership styles can be applied simultaneously or separately depending on the nature of the situation. An authoritarian style is better where employees are new and are in the process of learning. Here leader acts as a good trainer or coach.

Participative style is best where members know their job well. Leader knows the problem but don’t have enough information, employees know their effective abilities and help in effective functioning of the group.

A delegate style is better suited where employees are highly qualified and know more than the leader. So they take ownership of the task. This allows the leader to attend and supervise other things and tasks as well. So basically all these leadership styles are effective and can be employed according to the situation.