A leader is someone who uses correct knowledge and prudence in doing what is supposed to be done. A leader knows how to and when to take the next step. Being a leader means being powerful in a way that influences other people. It means being responsible enough to deal with any situations without losing one’s cool.  It takes a lot of courage to become a leader. Nobody is born with it, a leader is made. Though, it takes a lot more to maintain being an effective leader.

Here are a few factors that are important to keep the effectiveness of leadership qualities alive:

Perceptive: This is a must have quality for a leader. If a person has big visions, he is bound to work harder in achieving them. He should be able to set proper goal on anything he decides to work on.

Hardworking: A leader can never be a hypocrite. He must always be hard-working so as to set an example for others. He can’t not work and expect others to do it even when he isn’t.

Dedication: A leader should be dedicated to anything that he may set his mind do. Only, then he can achieve whatever he wants and only then, he can be a leader in front of other people’s eyes.

Innovation: A true leader will not follow things blindfolding. He will seek for new and innovative ideas to make better decision. Innovation and creativity are something that can take anything to a whole other level.


End result: A leader should focus on getting the end result at any cost. He shouldn’t give up if things are not happening his way. He should make efforts and take risks once the task is taken and till it is not completed.

Integrity: A leader should maintain his integrity to his work. He should be honest and never deceive anyone.

Relationships: He should maintain friendly relations with the people he is working with. He should treat them with respect and equality in order to get the same in return.


Equality: An effective leader is the one who can maintain the feeling of equality amongst the people working for him. He should never be biased when it comes to anything.

Adaptability: A leader should be such that can blend with everyone else’s style of working. He should have a collaborative style of working that can adjust fine with everyone else.

Standards: A certain level of standard is expected from a good leader and he should live up to that expectation by working in an ethically promoted environment. A combination of skill and wisdom should be displayed at his end.

An effective leader has a unique style of working in which things are run on a simple and clear basis. There is dedication as much as there is equality. The work is done in absolute fairness and hence, good leaders can make and cultivate better leaders.