Emotional abuse is another form of mental abuse. Many times victims do not realize that they are in an emotionally abusive relationship. While physical abuse uses violent forms for traumatizing the victim physically, emotional abuse intimidates the victim, demeans, punishes, and makes the victim feel humiliated or scared. Sometimes even name-calling, yelling and screaming at the victim is also involved. The ill effects of emotional abuse include the victim feeling depressed, confused, difficulty in concentrating, feeling worthless and sometimes lead to poor physical health also. The characteristics of an emotionally abusive person are the desire to gain control over the victim and manipulate them as per their wish. Which best places for tinder, Which cities are the most active on Tinder?

There are three patterns to emotional abuse:

  • Aggressive: this involves yelling, accusing the victim, making threats, insulting or continuously degrading them for their abilities
  • Denying: this method is opposite to the aggressive behavior. The characteristics are neglect, not listening, not being affectionate
  • Minimizing: isolation, accusing or inventing new ways of abuse and offering advice.


Signs of an Emotionally Abused Victim:

Thought he signs may not be visible in the beginning, it is easy to identify an emotionally abusive victim. Some of the signs are:

  • Feeling that they are not good enough to perform any task
  • Low confidence levels
  • Continuously feeling scared
  • Confused state of mind
  • Worried that the partner may breakup with them

Overcoming an Emotionally Abusive Relationship:

  • Identify the signs of an emotional abuse
  • Ensure that the relationship is broken
  • Forget the memories of the relationship
  • Work on building self confidence
  • Move on in life and look for brighter prospects

Sometimes it is not easy to forget the scars from an abusive relationship. In such instances, it will be better to get help from an expert who can help well. Unless the person decides to put an end the effects of emotional abuse will only get worse.

At some level everyone is a victim of emotional abuse. Many a time during our routine our partners, parents or even by the boss at work we hear some unpleasant things either demeaning us or using names. Most of us let go such instances as one off incident and that the person is not doing this to hurt us intentionally. One must watch out and ensure that these incidents do not continue to be a habit and identify early to avoid colossal damage to oneself.

At some level, emotional abuse is worse than physical abuse. The victims of physical abuse are easier to identify and the person who abuses is the one with a psychological problem. In case of emotional abuse, the victim is not sure about themselves and is low in confidence. Many of the victims cannot identify themselves as victims itself. Because accuse and abusive words are directed at the victim itself, it feels more personal and affects the person more. The worst part about emotional abuse is that the abuser does not know that their actions are causing destructive impact on the other. Due to these factors, emotional abuse is more difficult to identify and get out of than physical abuse.

Everyone should carefully monitor the actions of their partners and also any changes in behavior. Most of the problems occur because people do not recognize they are in an abusive relationship. It is important to seek help before its too late.