A Facebook group make it easy for you to connect with different sets of people such as your friends, family, teammates, co-workers, etc. A Facebook group is a specially dedicated space where you can easily share updates, documents, photos and message other people in the group. There are three different privacy options to choose from for each different group you create.

These groups are based around any real life interest of yours or to declare an association or affiliation with people and things. By doing so, you are creating a new community of friends and individuals to promote and discuss and share relevant topics.

There are millions of such different groups on Facebook made by people to discuss and be part of different agendas. There are these groups that have millions of members. That is because those groups are very influential and strong. Users of Facebook love to be a part of a group that is breaking all kind of records. There two largest Facebook groups are having more than 5.9 million members right now; these groups are simply made to be the largest groups on Facebook. Believe it or not, but users of Facebook love to use Facebook as a medium to protest against Facebook. They make groups on Facebook, maybe because Facebook presumably has the best functionality of providing a good base for building a movement.

Strong Facebook groups can be efficiently used to promote causes and gain the attention of many people easily. Because of the superior functionality of Facebook it becomes easy for anyone to spread, discuss and share their message, issue and idea with millions of people at a time. Facebook groups with many members can do this easily.


You can easily promote or share your idea by making an impressive group on Facebook and adding and inviting people to join the group. If your idea is good, and your group is strong, then you can easily get the promotion, and your agenda successfully achieved.

There are over millions of strongest groups on Facebook that have millions of members. They use this place to their advantage. Here are a few examples:

  • Let’s break a Guinness Record! 2010! The Largest Group on Facebook!
  • Six Degrees of Separation – The Experiment
  • Feed a Child with a Click!
  • We Will Not Pay To Use Facebook. We Are Gone If This Happens
  • Facebook Developers
  • Let’s set and break a Guinness Record!!

These groups are few of those any strong groups on Facebook that achieve their goals through these groups. Feed a child group, is a group where they claim to feed an underprivileged child in an undeveloped country if you just click the button. The Facebook website is flooded with many strong groups, if you want to share ideas and have discussions with an enormous bunch of people at a time we suggest that you either join the strongest groups or make one and have your share of Facebook fun.