Cold sore is a blister on your skin, spreads due to a very contagious HSV (Herpes simplex virus). It usually starts with tingling, itching and a burning sensation that leads to the painful fluid filled sores.

Once you get infected with HSV, it stays within your nerves for lifetime. But that doesn’t means that infected person will always have to suffer with these blisters. This is quite a common disease and there is no cure for the infected people, but steps can be taken to reduce their frequency and duration and make these blisters a less painful.

Usually cold sores start to heal by their own within few days. But if they are too painful, then your doctor can help you with that. Treatment may include ointments, skin cream, and pain killers.

These medicines not only provide relief from continuous throbbing but also fasten the healing process by 2-3 days.

Medicinal treatment is an essential for stubborn sores that are painful and take too long to heal.


Providone-iodine ointments (commonly known as Betadin) can be dabbed onto the cold sores which soothethe blister and prevent from the spreading the infection. Betadin cold sore range includes cold sore ointment and cold sore paint. It starts working from the very first sign of sores and reduces the risk of spreading the infection.

Antiviral creams such as aciclovir and penciclovir (also known as Fenistil) speed up healing of sores and are an effective treatment for cold sores.These medicines alleviate pain and discomfort.

Cold sore patches are one of the commonly used treatments for cold sores. These patches contain hydrocollioid gel that hides blisters while healing it and reduce the chances of spreading infection at other part of the skin.

Pain caused due to cold sores can be treated with painkillers like ibuprofen (avoid, if you have asthma or stomach ulcer) and paracetamol.These medicines are also available in liquid form for young children.

If you are suffering from lip blister, there is a chance for your lips to get stuck together which can intensify your pain. To avoid this, use a lip barrier cream, also available to your nearby pharmacist.

Apart from these medications, you also need to maintain a proper hygiene to avoid cold sores. Avoid contact with the infected person. Avoid touching other parts of the body, specially genitals and eyes. Try to not to touch these sores and wash your hands every time you touch them. Do not share cosmetics with someone who is suffering from cold sores.

Some do’s and don’ts that help you out to fight blisters.

  • Consume Lysine rich food.
  • Use separate towel and face-cloth.
  • Get lots of rest.
  • Take vitamin supplement.
  • Stay moisturized.
  • Try cold packs.
  • Learn to avoid stress.
  • Avoid arginine rich food.
  • Don’t touch, scratch or pick it.
  • Try to keep it dry.
  • Avoid make up

All these cold sore treatments are easily available in medical stores, within your reach and that too without any prescription.