Though most of us might have our lives in control, none of us is born perfect.  We all have areas that need our attention, our own flaws and own strengths too. The best way to self- improvement is to accept our weaknesses, work on them and enhance our strengths. Self- improvement is a personal never ending quest. Here are a few tips to get started:


  1. Always remember that working on yourself is your responsibility. While others might provide constructive criticism to you, they cannot practically alter your ways. They may be greatly influential, but ultimately changing your ways and habits is your own responsibility to make a better you.
  2. Never shut out feedback. There are times that negative criticism may hurt, but listen to everything with an open mind. You never know where the right advice might come from. Sometimes a reality check is all you need to get your life in order. That said, never let too much negativity wear you down. Though there may be times when people’s observations, even the negative ones, might be right, there will always be people who will be overcritical of you and people who would want to pull you down at various stages in life. An essential part of improving oneself is accepting one’s faults
  3. Form goals. The most important step towards self- improvement is setting targets that you can achieve. Your goals shouldn’t be impossible, distant dreams but they shouldn’t be too easy also. Goals should be time bound and their progress should be monitored stepwise. Introspect after every task to analyze your strengths and weaknesses and try to make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes twice.
  4. Observe your peers, your competitors and your elders. What you learn from the experience of others is golden, because you invest very little in it and still get a good lesson out of it. They might be doing something right that you might adapt or they might be doing something wrong that you can avoid. Therefore, observing others is also an important part of self- improvement. Be critical, but don’t be partial, prejudiced or judgemental.
  5. Keep a very optimistic attitude towards life and towards your own self. Being over critical about yourself can prove very fatal as it bogs you down and breaks the gusto and spirit to keep trying. There’s a difference between introspecting on your actions and nit-picking. Fault finding is very harmful, stay away from it. Believe in your own self and in the great power of your hard work. Believe that you will succeed, and that will help you attract the positive energy from our environment as well. If you love yourself, others will too.
  6. Make a schedule, don’t procrastinate and find time for fun. The support extended your family and friends is very important and it not just helps in self- discovery but also gives us the strength to rise above failures in life. When you have a schedule, squeeze in time for fun with them and try to stick to your commitments. This will only be possible if you don’t procrastinate and put off your tasks. If you stick to a work schedule then time for fun won’t have to suffer.

Lastly, be generous, compassionate and humble. Respect everyone around you, no matter what their condition. People have seen things in life that you can’t imagine, faced situations and hardships that you can’t fathom and risen above from all their past misdoings to be the people that they are today. Be empathetic and modest at all times and give selflessly, only then will you receive unconditionally.