The success of every SEO depends on its content and due to the free content available on internet creating something that the readers would like is a task. The content should be comprehensive, detailed, well-articulated as well as being empathetic to the readers’ needs and expectations. Content, which provides the readers with the right information guarantees more volume and traffic to the website, thereby increasing one’s visibility, profit, and success.

Content marketing has taken digital media by storm and accommodates articles, videos, podcasts, images, and everything that draws traffic to one’s website. Thus, it is imperative that one stands out than the rest and appeals to the readers. Some of the tips for generating better content are given below:

  • Take Assistance – Everyone has a different idea and perspective, hence it helps in taking the assistance of others to come up with creative ideas. Each blogger and person can put across their views and add a new dimension to the content.
  • Buzzfeed and SuperNova– This website provides the hottest trends of digital content. One can frequent websites as such and gain feedback and pointers on the articles people liked and work in that way.
  • Use Personal Experience – The best form of inspiration is one’s own life’s experiences or those of their family and friends. Using ideas and instances from one’s own personal experience not only sets the article from others but makes it something that readers can relate to.
  • Readers’ Opinions – Readers are your customers for an article. One may ask their readers themselves for suggestions or what they would like to read if one has a sizeable amount of traffic.
  • Follow The Trends – To be a part of the crowd, one must follow the trend just like most social sites have a list of the new ongoing trends. One can try to insert their business into such areas so as to gain visibility.
  • Buzzsumo – This is a website that tracks social media platforms and provides alerts when something goes viral post obtaining a sizeable amount of likes and shares before the rest of the Internet does. This allows one to know what’s trending and therefore, write about the particular topic from their angle.
  • Video – Many blogs include videos to make it more appealing to their readers as compared to the content and images.
  • Guest Posts – This adds additional value to the article when a guest who is familiar to a particular field writes about it.
  • Interviews – One may interview experts on particular fields which one is writing for to add value to the readers.


Other means to generate better content include adding bullets or quotes to catch attention, attention grabbing headlines and eye-catching images, meet the readers’ needs and expectations by developing relationships with them, add humour, keeping it brief and to the point, try to generate reactions from the readers by asking questions or provoking emotions, sharing personal thoughts and opinions and above all, invest sufficient time on researching the topic to make it as detailed and thorough as possible with own emotions rather than using others matter.