Probably one of the oldest tricks in the retailer’s promotion handbook is to base their promotions around the holiday periods. Retailers and merchants use holidays as a hook to hang their own promotions on. Effective marketers are easily able to make connections that did not exist before sales promotions and holidays.

You should have a unique angle by which you can catch the eye of the customers who are subject to the countless number of festive spots at that time of the year. Well executed campaigns on the social media platforms will keep people excited about the products of your brand, even after the end of festive seasons. These promoted campaigns should be able to portray your brand’s ethos and the attitude towards the social media. There should be an understanding of time, the time which you have to choose to start your holiday promotions. The timing should be perfect. One of the biggest aspects of any shopping season will be promotions.

Keep reading to know the perfect time to start your holiday promotions.

What needs to be offered, how much and when? Especially “what”, the hardest part to figure out, if you plan right now you will not know when your customers will start shopping and acting to your offer.

“Too early” and “Too late”, these two things happen most of the time. Because of which either your product sales will be very low than expected or the sales start later than expected.

Recent surveys say that almost 50% of the shoppers shop long before the actual holiday. That is done to avoid the large crowds. And the other half does so to avoid the last minute shopping stress. We do know that the shoppers, shop before or long before the holiday for the reasons mentioned above. So you, as a seller or promoter need to start your promotion way before the holiday actually comes.


You have to calculate how long before the customers will start shopping for gifts. Could it be a week? A fortnight? A month? Or even more than that? Most of shoppers shop early to avoid the crowds and the last minute shopping stress, but some shop early to avoid every shopper’s nightmare: the product being out of stock. They hate it and so they try to avoid it.


Now you know that you need to promote long before the holiday. So you have consider the customers’ needs. But also consider your own needs. Make extensive plans, talk to your team, and prepare your team. Create a list of things you’ll need for the holiday season preparations. Think of the offers you’d like to give, and your end of calculations.

Now don’t forget the main thing. Stock. You will surely promote the holiday season to the people, and they will like your offers and come to buy your products. But if you haven’t stocked up well in advance, it is going to be a sad fest. Don’t make that mistake.