There are numerous home remedies for cold sores which are there, and they really give a lot of relief, in fact some much more than the chemical remedies available currently. It is important to always rely on natural medication first, the reason being that many chemical constituents tend to react adversely and create more concerns for people due to the skin already being sensitive especially around the lips and genitals. The cold sore arises from the herpes simplex virus and is best treated by giving your body plenty of rest and relaxation. Another factor of paramount importance is to ensure that you also practice proper hygiene taking care not to use any items in contact with the skin with another person.

One of the common recommended remedies for treating the cold sores right at the beginning is to use a combination of lemon and honey. Honey and lemon are both known to be powerful natural ingredients which help soothe the blisters and also promotes moisture content in the skin and heals the skin better. In addition a common remedy used to treat these blisters is peppermint oil. Particularly on the lips this has a very soothing effect, in reducing the itch and burn associated with the cold sores. Another home remedy for treating cold sores which many say helps with the pain and itching sensations, is an ice pack. It should be used frequently at hourly intervals. This works well to alleviate the condition and soothes the skin.


One can also consider using tea bags after use to place around the areas affected on the face and lip region. The tea leaves contain vital anti-inflammatory ingredients which can provide good relief when used to combat the condition. A combination of essential oils can also help with the condition, coconut oil is well known for its powerful healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It is used to help with a number of skin conditions and it is good when applied on the inflammation or scabs to aid better healing of the skin. Another home remedy includes using diluted amount of tea-tree oil, geranium oil and lavender oil. All of these substances must be used diluted as they are quite potent ingredients and their anti-microbial properties further aid the healing process helping people recover faster. With any home remedy used, the best results are seen with regular washing of hands and also early and regular application of the remedies. All of these aid the process and makes a person have a healthy life. An extract of mint combined with lemon and honey are also good for application and heals the skin well. Ensure that you discuss your concerns with your doctor if the outbreaks are much more frequent and not manageable with these home remedies. Further evaluation and medication/topical creams may be required.