This engine is known to offer Google with artificial intelligence and the ability to answer questions, predict the intention of users and give Google users more time on the search page, thus bringing improvement to the search experience and revenues. Hummingbird brings a more social and personalized experience to the SEO industry. Hummingbird is designed to give a good user experience.

Hummingbird serves more as an internal engine change rather than an external change like Panda or Penguin. Though, the appearance of the search engine looks the same, it is more powerful and smarter.

As an SEO industry and writer, one can look for aspects such as Knowledge Search, better searches, Google Plus, encrypted keywords, more time on search engine, etc.


Besides high quality link building and content marketing, Hummingbird adds a social aspect to the search algorithm and results, thus, making Google Plus a core aspect of Google SEO.

Google’s Hummingbird focuses on fulfilling people’s requirements with better content marketing, high quality links, offering feasible solutions, and building authority. One can optimize the content for their mobile by enhancing their keyword research with semantic analysis.