Talking is easy. Giving out a speech or lecture is easy. Keeping your point forward is also easy. But the most difficult part is to persuade people with your content. It is not easy to convince someone regarding something you are talking about or asking for something. In order to convince, you need to be a persuasive speaker. Being a persuasive speaker is not easy as it requires great attention and quick thinking. The following points should be considered while persuading someone.

Make it real

People will connect with you only if you keep it real. While speaking, remember to use simple language. Using big words in your speech and conversation will look overdone and fake. Connect with them on their level. Do not make it seem as if you have tried real hard for it. Never complicate the content as they would just ignore it and go straight to the conclusion. Make it a conversation rather than a speech. Make it relatable for them.

Be logical

If your point of speech is not logical, you are not going anywhere. Make people understand the sense behind it by keeping it simple and logical. They would not want to accept thing which do not make sense. Bring out the negatives in your content and justify it. Discuss their point of view and validate your discussions.

Have the answers

People will have all kinds of questions regarding your content and speech. The questions can be logical as well as illogical. In any ways you have to answer them sincerely and satisfy them. You should answers to how, why, where, when, what type of questions all the time.

Quick thinking

To be a persuasive speaker, you need the ability of quick thing. You can face situations which you have not come across before. In such case your quick wit is what helps you out of it. Your audience can vary from time to time. You need to use this quick thinking to deal with all kinds of people.


Know your audience

Understanding your audience is key point as it helps you create and build up your contents. If the person or group is emotional, target the emotional aspects. Knowing where your audience is from and how they behave will help you in ways to put forward your points of discussion and understand their point of view. This way the audience can relate to you and your point of view.


Talk about the benefits

Remember to majorly talk about then benefits of your point and discussion. Keep repeating it in different ways. Do not make it obvious that you are constantly repeating it. Slip it in in one way or another during your discussion. People love to know about how something is beneficial for them. Fulfil their desire and target the benefits the most.


Persuasion is a skill acquired by practise and experience. It is possible that you may not succeed for the very first time, but that does not mean you cannot be persuasive. Practice and research make it perfect and achievable.