Creating appealing content for clients, especially when one isn’t an expert in the industry is a hard task for many SEO marketers. Despite being experts in the field, SEO practitioners are expected to deliver exemplary content that adds substantial value to the readers. In such cases, content writing becomes a challenging task especially when a writer is responsible for handling clients belonging to different business niches. Besides, supplementing general research to produce a well-written content article, there are various other tactics and tips, which a content writer can use to better their results.

Mentioned below are 4 content writing tips for writers who aren’t experts in industries they are expected to write on:

  • Client’s Insight – One should take as many notes as possible during every interaction with the client to obtain the client’s insight and keep the same ready for future reference. It is imperative to understand the client’s perspective. Some of the questions, which one can ask the client are:
  • Who are the target audience and their industry knowledge?
  • What is the top service or product?
  • What is the campaign’s main purpose?

These answers help one be aware of the likely opportunities to create new content or update the existing one.

  • Strategy Mapping – One can map out the monthly content strategies by letting keywords showcase the client’s insight. The target keywords should be highlighted to the client prior to writing.

Research plays a key role here. During this period, one can research a little and read some competitors’ well-written works that are related to the keywords and use those as inspiration to write a better one.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – SEO strategies focus on user experience and are used to develop new content ideas. One should browse through their own website as a visitor while focusing on the posts and list out the FAQs which one notices. These pointers may be used for informal audit purposes while improving the current website with the corrective measures. These FAQs may also be compared with the queries listed by other visitors on the website on Google Webmaster Tools, which may be correlated.


  • Client Meetings – One should make the most of their client meetings by understanding their future plans and strengthening the SEO content writing by asking relevant questions pertaining to their product or strategies. The responses to these should be supported with compelling content that highlights the target keywords. This method not only helps in the article writing but also keeps the client well informed of the overall SEO progress.

Thus, we can conclude that one doesn’t have to be an expert in every business niche and one can leverage their inexperience to the advantage by seeking the client’s expertise and experience. Clients can share relevant information, which they feel are drawbacks of their potential customers and writers can improve on the same. So with the assistance of the client’s expertise and educational content the aid to such content writing is already obtained.