Anger is one of the strongest emotions that we possess. Each one of us is capable of feeling this emotion, the density might vary. You might get irrigated with someone cutting you in traffic or you might be fuming angry at your friend who made you wait at the mall for two hours. Anger though a normal emotion can have harmful effect, it not handled with care. Most of the times you might find it difficult to deal with anger and there is a possibility that you will say something that will hurt you and the your loved ones. You cannot take back the words one said and when your blood pressure is sky rocketing you are not in control of your emotions and you land up hurting your loved ones. This is not a constructive emotion; therefore, it is important to know how to deal with anger. Anger management is something that will prove to be beneficially in your personal and professional life.

Be careful with your words: anger has a way of making you forget what yourself. In the midis of a angry situation you can say something that you will regret later, in fact, there are situations that you can land up jeopardizing your relationship. Therefore, learn to control you tongue no matter how angry you might get.

Take a moment: whenever you feel your blood boiling and you know about to burst take a moment. Take a deep breath and get your emotions under control before reacting to the situation. Then and only then express your grievances and frustration in a civil and non-intimating manner. Express what is bothering and people will understand and help rectify the situation.

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Exercise: When the emotion of anger rise there is a strong urge to take physical action, but make sure it is not directed on a person. Instead you can go for a run or go to gym and give an outlet for all the anger and frustration.

Take a break: most of the time you might not be angry on the person, but you can be frustrated on the situation. With the lifestyle becoming hectic sometime you just need to take a break and stay away from everyone. Not for long, bit sometime just read a book or stay on your own and enjoy the solitude and relax your mind.

Adopting relaxing techniques: if you are someone who gets angry at the drop of the hat then you should start adopting some relaxation techniques. There are various techniques, taking deep-breaths is one of them. The other one is to imaging a relaxing and calming place or scene. You can also try chanting relaxing mattress. Listening to soothing music can also help you with managing anger.

Humor: This one of the best way to manage anger. You can use humor to tackle the problem that is making you angry. But be sure to avoid sarcasm, it can have the opposite effect.

Anger is a strong emotion, something that if not death with can have long lasting drastic effects. The emotion can affect your health and others feelings therefore, learn how to deal with anger sooner rather later.