Do you want to turn those eager visitors into loyal and interested subscribers for your email list? Well, here are a few tips that will help you enhance your business through simple techniques boosting your mailing list subscriber count.

How Businesses Could Improve Their Email Efforts

  1. Make sure that entering the email id in the database tab is as easy as possible. Make sure the example text disappears once they click on it. Make the area visible and use an appropriately big font size.
  2. Don’t put the subscribe button hidden somewhere where the reader has to click at a hundred other things to subscribe to you. It is not them who would want to go through the trouble to find and click on your subscribe button, it is you who wants them to subscribe. So keep the button easily visible. Avoid ads near it or pop ups when you click on it and keep it simple, silly! Just make sure that the reader gets to subscribe to you in the minimal amount of clicks possible.
  3. Use Quick Response codes that the reader can scan to go to the required URL or website. This makes it very easy for the readers to open the sites in their phones. Once the information in the QR code contains your website address, they don’t have to type your name in the search bar to find you simply scanning the code will direct them exactly where you want them.
  4. Motivate people to spread your message by forwarding your newsletter or sharing your link with a friend. When your loyal subscriber base does your marketing for you, especially to the people who they know, it is more likely that your subscriber base will increase since the people will trust their friends more than a stranger looking to profit, aka you.
  5. Invite subscribers through your social networking sites. Use the social media platforms to reach out to a large number of people who are already connected with you through these sites. Send out messages and post statuses about your newsletter and make sure it is catchy and interesting so people are intrigued and they read it. This will direct them to your subscribe button automatically.
  6. Let the readers choose what they receive from you and also when they do so. When they are in control it is more likely that they will be keen on reading your newsletters and updates. It will not make them feel bothered by you and it will not make them feel like their inbox is getting junked or spammed by you. Also it is more likely that they will read your work when they receive it when they want it, otherwise it can keep lying as an unread mail in their box for ages.
  7. Always make your subject line catchy and interesting so that people open the mail. Make it like your tweets; short, crisp and innovative. Use key words and catch phrases and make the readers intrigued to know more.