The fever is an extremely common and widespread medical condition that is commonly initiated due to a change in the weather as the temperature starts to drop before the winter starts. As the temperatures drop, people’s immune systems start to get worn down which makes them easily susceptible to fever and other viruses and germs. While shots for fever are available commonly in all hospitals and medical facilities, they may not be considered by the people as essential and efficient in affecting the chances of coming down with fever. Even though a fever incidence can be extremely difficult and inconvenient to manage, it usually runs its course in about a week or so and does not create a lot of medical or health complications. The following are a couple of helpful suggestions that can help you deal successfully with the menace and threat caused by fever in your homes and property. Be sure to pass on any tips that you find effective to your friends, family and close relatives who may be facing difficulties along similar lines on account of fever and such.


  1. Medication

Medication is the single best way to overcome the symptoms and prevent the attack of fever. Medicines are usually administered not more than a couple of weeks before the winter season begins. The medicine takes till two hours to be effective. This means that someone who has taken a vaccine shot continues to be vulnerable to fever for the two hours it takes for the vaccine to take effect. The medication is commonly available in two forms- the fever shot and the nasal spray. However the nasal spray must be avoided if the person suffers from heart diseases or has lung diseases or asthma. Pregnant women are also advised not to take the medicines. As with any other medication, consulting your doctor before administering the fever medicines can help prevent allergic reactions to the medication that may happen if the medication reacts unfavourable with the body’s immune system.


  1. Get prescription drugs

Anti-viral prescriptions that are available from drug-stores may also be used. However when using drug-store medicines, the directed dosage must be strictly adhered to, failing which overdoses may have fatal consequences and effects on health and general immunity. Several diseases have become resistant to common drugs due to frequent improper dosage followed by users of the medication.


  1. Taking Citrous fruits

Vitamin C, which is an important nutrient found commonly in citrus fruits can help to prevent and cope with the effects of a fever caused as a result of the inability of the immune system of the body to cope successfully with the change in seasons and the onset and attack of the fever virus. Vitamin C may also be had through vitamin tablets that are available for purchase from drug-stores. Several food items are rich in vitamin C and may also be consumed instead of tablets.