Anxiety as a Silent Killer

Of all the stress agents, anxiety disorder tends to be the most dangerous, chronic and physically threatening. Thus, getting rid of anxiety disorders is not as easy throwing trash. When you throw something out into the curb, you throw out entirely for good. However, when you are dealing with the chronic effects brought by anxiety, you will later realize that the ordeal is more serious than just throwing garbage. If you want to achieve the real imagery of anxiety, relate it with a mole. A mole makes its turns of growth each time you cut something from it.
Hence, anxiety is very close to this scenario. The moment you decide that you have been spared from the effects of anxiety, that is the time wherein the anxiety strikes back. Anxiety is eventually caused by the unruly palpitations of the respiratory nerves. Anxiety feeds on stress. The more you spend effort on getting rid with it, the more it grows into something sinister. Being a psychological phenomenon, it is necessary to point out blow-by-blow the initial causes of anxiety.

The best questions that you could ask in dealing with anxiety are the following:

What are the main causes of anxiety?

Anxiety is a consequence. It is a manifestation of what an individual thinks in his most inner thoughts. The dark thoughts facilitated by over-thinking can lead to the subsequent rise of anxiety as it hits the person through the guts. The many causes of anxiety can be pointed back to the genetic reasons, psychological incapacity, emotional breakdown, mental degradation, induced sensations due to causative hallucinatory agents.

What are the many faces of anxiety?

Some people are born with innate anxiety towards things. This unusual behavior is preferably termed of as phobia. The different faces of anxiety are Panic Disorder, Stage Fright, Specific phobias, Exposure Therapy, Nervous Sweating, Anxiety Humor, Belly Breathing, Hyper-ventilation, OCD-related phobias, Hallucinatory Phobias and many more to mention. The forms of anxiety or fear points are results from overlapping agents that have penetrated to the human psyche for a long time.

What are the medical treatments for anxiety?

how to get rid of anxiety

Anxiety can be neutralized with psychiatric sessions. Personality management by psychiatric counselors can be effective means for controlling the fear all throughout. When cases turn to be severe however, doctor-recommended drugs and other pills can come in handy. Anti-anxiety drugs such as the benzodiazepines, Xanax (alprazolam), Valium (diazepam), Ativan (lorazepam), etc., can be considered effective tools on how to get rid of anxiety.

How long can anxiety latch on to the human psyche?

The mortality level of the anxiety towards the individual personality depends on the psychological exposure of the individual. Meaning, his/her level of empowerment and decision-making is the sheer determinant of severing the long stretch of anxiety line. The temperamental individuals are usually the ones who can easily ditch a fear agent.

Worrying, on the other hand is not entirely negative. If you look at in the lighter shade, you will get to realize that worrying is necessary thing in spinning a problem out for ultimate solutions. For emphasis, the external factors are not the determinants for a possible alleviation or doom in the future. It is all about a matter of mind-setting. Generally, when you are preoccupied about the things that may or may not have happened, it could be a clear indication of personality problem.

Excessive fears and doubts can be weakening. In fact, in worse cases, it can be considered as paranoia. People who live life in paranoia are found out to be counter-productive. Hence, they end up being drained with the energy field.  Even if the source of your anxiety is based on chronic factors, it would still be tremendously difficult if you will not open your mind to it. As the line goes, “if there’s a will, there’s a way”, life indeed is always what we make of it.

When constant worrying takes its toll on you, it slowly and spontaneously becomes a dangerous obsession. The pangs of anxiety keeps you late at night and burdens you physical presence. Since your lifestyle becomes inorganic now, your disposition in the day will have become drained and dry. In addition to that, you easily get nervous at things. For a fact, anxiety is the most difficult to be rid of since it heightens up every time you think about it.

You may not be able to feel the damaging effects of anxiety upon its onset, but when you are already under its credulous influence, the worst case scenario is a lifeless individual with no sense of decision, direction, conviction and integrity. Moreover, suicide shall have to be close call for you.  Losing control over all things is something that is feared at most by a general number of people. Anxiety is a constant challenge to be faced. And, to eliminate it entirely is to live a life in the light. That is a sure challenge. But, when you succeed, things will definitely pay off.

Entertaining negative thoughts and other ideas is like feeding the anxiety to grow. Indeed, life can be most difficult to live with. Insecurities, bitterness, envy, low-self esteem are the main roots of anxiety. These are the illnesses that pester within a human’s pure mind. Images, events, and even words can indirectly affect the level of anxiety that may latch on you.

Worrying is a tough habit to break. For you to be able get away from its grasp, you will need to get slowly, but surely, get yourself together and do things a positive perception. With the tips being presented in this article, you can be assured that there is always a leeway for things.

To counter the problem is to know its roots. Stand up and make the difference in yourself. When you are empowered enough, you set the reality of things based on your own sight. What follows after are numerous possibilities of success and victory. In any other areas, the psychological area of the human faculty is the most challenging. (source:

Are you also suffering anxiety and you are using some useful treatments to get rid of it? Feel free to share it with us.