The very word ‘acne’ drives a person nuts, and in a bad way. May it be on the face, or the chest, or even the back for that matter. Pimples are everyone’s worst real-life horror stories. But then, pimples on the face can be cleared in the nick of time. And, if they can’t, there’s always makeup to save the day. But what if you want to wear that amazing backless dress to an upscale party? What if you want to wear your tank top for a music festival? And, what will you do if you can’t do either of them, because of that dreaded four-letter word?

Acne happens as a result of breakouts on the face or the body, usually when the skin becomes too oily and bacteria starts clogging up the pores. It’s a major problem in the summer, especially in humid countries where your skin tends to get oily. Contrary to popular belief, pimples aren’t a result of your eating habits, as proved by scientists, but there are various other factors that come into play.

You need not worry now, because we’ve got a load of solutions coming your way. Body acne does take time to clear, but every step in improving the situation is worth it. Here are a few steps as to how this can be prevented or completely removed:

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  • Reduce stress levels: Acne can be attributed to chronic stress, which causes hormonal imbalance, that speeds up the pimple levels. Stress is also known to affect the immune system, therefore decreasing the system’s ability to heal wounds and blemishes faster. A sudden major reduction in stress won’t help in the short run, but will definitely help in the long run. Also, you should get proper sleep so that your stress levels don’t spike further.
  • Acne-fighting products: The market is flooded with several such products that claim to reduce your acne drastically. Most acne products contain either one or more of the following ingredients: Benzoyl Peroxide (cleans up pores), Alpha-hydroxy acid (for blemishes) and salicylic acid (for blemishes).
  • Wear loose clothes: Preferably stick to cotton clothes that don’t hug your body. The cloth needs to breathe, or there will be an accumulation of sweat, and the same problems will build up yet again. In case of body acne, synthetic fabrics are a strict no-no.
  • Have a bath: Regular washing of the body is an absolute must, especially if you’ve been sweating all day or you’ve just finished playing a game of football in the dirt. You can’t let all that sweat gather in one place and start a boil breakout.
  • Masks: Just like face masks, body masks are also available, and they perform the same function, more or less. Sulphur is a key ingredient.
  • Detergent: If your detergent is fragrant, change it as soon as possible! Most fragrant detergents are supposed to be irritants, and that’s the last thing your skin needs, if it has to be pimple-proof.


And, last but not the least, feel good in your own skin. Follow these tips and bask in your healthy and soft skin while bidding acne goodbye.