Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus. Avoid getting infected by that, and you’ll be able to beat out cold sores. If you desire to get rid of your cold sores, then you probably want to heal them quickly. Otherwise, you might want to prevent such sores from forming in the first place. Preventing or curing them is probably your number one priority.

In regards to how to get rid of cold sores completely, keep on reading. It’s all about having a good immune system. No, cold sores won’t disappear like the chicken pox after getting it once, but having a body that’s immune to it should help since it comes from herpes, as explained earlier. Get rid of the herpes, and you’ll get rid of the cold sores, which is a symptom of herpes.

Deactivation or Prevention: You Decide

  1. At the Very Least, Keep the Herpes in a Dormant Stage: Herpes is kind of hard to get rid of (actually, it’s impossible to get rid of), so you should make sure to keep it dormant, if not avoid getting herpes at all. This will prevent future cold sores from developing. Normally, the herpes simplex virus is latent and hides in the nerve cells in areas where cold sore outbreaks can happen. Also, don’t listen to people with home cures; herpes simplex will remain in your body as soon as you contract it. This is an unfortunate fact that you’ll have to live with.
  1. Even If There Was a Way to Remove Herpes, You’ll Only Catch It Again: Here’s a mind-blowing fact. 91% of the world’s population carries the cold sore virus, such that even if you were to find a way to get rid of it, you’ll only catch it again because everyone has it. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t stop you from wearing protection when having sex, if only to become part of the 9% of the population (mostly babies) uninfected by the virus. With that said, getting rid of the symptom or complication primarily caused by this virus is quite easy.
  1. Destruction, Discomfort, and Healing: When it comes to getting rid of cold sores, you must destroy as much of the virus as possible until it goes back to its dormant stage. From there, make sure to make the cold sore area uncomfortable for the virus to inhabit using a variety of methods (usually through disinfectants). When everything is said and done, that’s when you heal the cold sore damage as quickly as possible. You should look into finding anti-viral medication that boosts your immune system. As of yet, there’s still no herpes vaccine, but there’s currently a race for its development.
  1. Alcohol Usage Against Cold Sores: As far as germ killers are concerned, alcohol is actually one of the best out there. Putting them on cold sores can sting quite a bit, but it’s ideal for making things uncomfortable for the virus while killing bacteria that could further exacerbate an already terrible lesion. You don’t drink the alcohol, though; you instead dab a cotton ball on it and then apply it on the spots where you have a cold sore. Swabs for topical alcohol application are also available and more convenient to use, just ask your local pharmacy for them.
  1. Essential Oils to Kill Viruses in a Long-Lasting Fashion: There’s a downside to using alcohol against cold sores, and it’s the fact that you should you it constantly to keep the cold sores from reemerging. If you want something that doesn’t require as much constant application, then the long-term effects of oils such as garlic oil and oregano oil should do the trick. You can apply them once and have the virus become dormant and stay that way for a longer period of time, thus you won’t have to use them as frequently as alcohol swabs. Oregano smells better in public than garlic and alcohol.
  1. Ice or Any Cold Object: Warmth and moisture is what makes cold sores (ironically enough, despite the name) appear and spread, so to stave off their advance on your body, you should apply ice or any cold object on the affected area. The herpes virus tends to retreat from any part of your body that’s cold and will retreat from it once ice is in contact, thus the cold sore should disappear soon after. With that said, unlike with alcohol and essential oils, this only gets the virus on the run instead of actually killing them outright.
  1. Aloe Vera and Constant Vigilance: As far as topical treatments go, you can depend on Aloe Vera gel to speed up the healing of your cold sore in a dramatic fashion. It’s not only good for your hair and follicles; it’s also quite effective in cold sore removal as long as you get your Aloe Vera extract from a fresh plant lead. Regardless, if you really want to get rid of your cold sores, it’s mandatory that you go all out and focus on getting rid of it. Future cold sores can be prevented from occurring even with people that have suffered repeat offenses from this virus.
  1. Cold Sore Prevention Tips through Supplementation: If you want to prevent cold sores aside from the commonsensical method of not undergoing any unprotected or unhygienic sex from strangers or sex workers who haven’t been tested and might have dormant herpes within them, you can avoid these sores by adding supplements into your diet. Specifically, you need a good vitamin-mineral supplement combo in your daily diet, from Vitamin A to Zinc as well as a bit of magnesium and calcium thrown in for good measure. This will keep your body more alkaline.
  1. More Cold Sore Medical Care: Your body can turn acidic and trigger cold sore formation when you’re under stressful conditions. It can also happen when you’re living a sedentary life. By balancing out pressure and activity with rest and relaxation, you’ll be healthy enough to keep the cold sores and various other diseases away. As long as your body is an alkaline environment, the herpes or cold sore virus won’t gain any foothold within it whatsoever. This will help you avoid the incessant dryness, burning, and itching sensation whenever cold sores arrive.

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