A cough can be annoying, painful and sometimes, tough to get rid of. Here’s presenting home remedies to cure cough.


Do you suffer from cough often? It could be allergic reaction, or it could simply be due to an underlying medical condition. If you have got yourself checked and your test results came out fine, it’s possible that your cough is a result of a localized infection in your respiratory tract.

However, it can be a painful condition and make your throat sore and raw. Constant coughing can also cause your chest to hurt. But instead of relying on antibiotics, try a few natural home remedies to heal your cough quickly and without side effects.

Herbal potion. To a small pot of water (about three cups), add 10 leaves of basil, 5 leaves of mint, one inch of fresh ginger, and one teaspoon of turmeric. Boil this water on a low flame till it is reduced to half. Take it off the flame and strain the potion. Add one teaspoon of honey to it before you drink it. It is best to have this potion while it is warm. Do not store the remainder for more than a day.

Ginger tea. This is a very effective remedy but you must not have this tea more than thrice a day or you will develop mouth ulcers. Cut half an inch of fresh ginger and add it to boiling water. Take the tea off the flame and let it steep for five minutes. Have the tea immediately. For a better result, add a spoonful of honey to it before you drink – honey will cut the tea’s sharp and acrid taste.

Medicated steam. This is a tried and tested remedy not just for blocked sinuses but also for a persistent cough. To a vaporizer or steel container, add boiling water infused with three drops of eucalyptus oil or liquid menthol. Now inhale the steam for five minutes through your nose, breathing deeply. Next, inhale the steam through your mouth (this will be tricky at first). Alternate your breathing cycle and inhale the steam till the water cools down.

Pepper drink. Use five fresh peppercorns for this remedy, or fresh pepper powder will also do. Grind the peppercorns in a pestle and place the powder in a glass. Over this, pour one teaspoon of honey. Top with hot water and let the pepper steep in it for five minutes. Drink immediately. Have this drink at least twice a day.

Gargle. People the world over have been opting for salt water gargles to ease their congestion and sore throats. However, simply adding salt to hot water will not cure your cough – salt water only acts as an anti-bacterial agent. To make the gargle more potent, add two drops of clove oil to a glass of hot water, one teaspoon of salt, and half a teaspoon of turmeric. Gargle with this solution twice a day for five minutes.