Garlic breath refers to the unpleasant odour that the consumption of garlic results in. While garlic is a chef’s favourite ingredient in a lot of dishes, the unpleasant odour that it generates reflects a complex problem that is in urgent need of solution. Garlic adds a unique flavour and aroma to dishes and meals. Garlic contains lots of anti-oxidants that help to improve the health of one’s heart. All these benefits get repeatedly and routinely undermined sue to the unpleasant odour caused by garlic. Garlic causes your breath to smell bad. Garlic causes this bad smell because garlic contains a particular chemical compound that causes this bad odour. Garlic contains cysteine sulfoxide which reacts and mixes with the saliva in the mouth and the gastric juices to produce an unpleasant odour. This chemical compound is chemically very similar to the compounds that are generated by the bacteris in mouths which are responsible for causing bad breath. The following are a couple of helpful suggestions that can help you deal successfully with the odour and the discomfort caused by the consumption or addition of garlic in dishes and meals. Be sure to pass on any tips that you find effective to your friends, family and close relatives who may be facing difficulties along similar lines on account of garlic or similar vegetables.


  1. Mechanical removal of garlic particles

One of the simplest and the most effective ways to remove the bad breath caused by garlic is to brush your teeth and to floss after a meal or dish containing garlics. This helps to reduce and even minimise the bad odour caused by the consumption of garlic to a great deal. Brushing helps to remove the minute particles of garlic that may be stuck to the teeth and in the mouth. Brushing helps to remove these particles, thus ensuring that your breath does not smell or reek of garlic. Brushing thus helps to remove the foul odour that occurs after consuming garlic, and can be practiced as a routine after every meal to obtain the best of results.


  1. Cleaning your tongue

An extremely common and efficient means to deal with garlic breath is to use a tongue scraper. Tongue scrapers are commonly available from all drugs-stores and can be used to clean the tongue by scraping the surface of the tongue using the tongue cleaner. Scraping the surface of the tongue helps to remove the microscopic particles of garlic that remain after a meal on the tongue. These particles get oxidised or acted upon by the bacteria in the mouth leading to garlic breath. Cleaning the tongue removes the presence of these compounds. This helps to ensure that garlic breath does not happen and your mouth stays as clean as before.


  1. Chewing coffee beans

Chewing coffee beans after a dish of garlic can help to drown out the garlic odour. Coffee beans mask the breath of garlic and can prevent the foul