Head lice are wingless insects, that habit in spaces that are close to the human hair scalp. Lice are parasites that survive by sucking blood from the hair scalp. They lay their eggs close to the scalp so that they can establish a colony of lice in adjacent regions. Common symptoms of lice infestation include excessive itching of the hair and the hair scalp. Lice spreads very easily from one person to another. Common means of contagion include sharing brushes, combs, clothing or bedding. Red bumps may develop on the scalp as a result of lice infestation. Lice infestation must be identified as early as possible using regular examination of the hair scalp and appropriate treatment methods must be provided. The following are some common tips that help in getting rid of head lice.


  1. Using Vinegar


Vinegar is an extremely common and effective agent that is used commonly in households to eliminate and to free hair scalp from head lice. Vinegar is used to much effect also in removing fleas from dogs and such. Vinegar contains a high concentration of acetic acid that changes the pH value of the scalp and the surrounding ecosystem spaces. This makes it difficult for the lice to survive and they fall off dead. Vinegar also helps to dissolve the dead nits- eggs laid by the head lice- thereby cleaning your head and scalp of lice. Vinegar is often used in combination with mineral oil. This mixture is applied to the scalp and hair before sleep. The morning after hair can be washed with regular shampoo, successfully removing all the head lice that was present.


  1. Applying mayonnaise


Use of mayonnaise is an extremely common and effective home remedy for head lice. Mayonnaise helps to remove head lice by suffocating the lice by depriving them of mobility and breathing space and eventually killing them. It is extremely simple to remove head lice using mayonnaise. It can be done single handedly without any external help or assistance. When using mayonnaise to rid hair of head lice, the affected person’s hair is coated thoroughly with mayonnaise and is covered tightly with a plastic or shower cap. It is left as such for over five to six hours, after which air is washed well with regular shampoo. Finally the washed hair is blow dried to ensure that the lice are dead and the hair is combed with a nit comb.


  1. Using Onions


Onions are yet another common household remedy that is used to treat head lice. Onions contain high concentrations of sulphur that helps to suffocate and to kill the head lice that infests the scalp.


  1. Applying Coconut oil


Coconut oils acts as an excellent smothering agent which suffocates the head lice and kills them. Coconut oil also acts a nourishing agent for your hair.


  1. Lemon juice


Applying an extract of lemon juice on your scalp and leaving it on for about half an hour helps to remove lice and to nourish and replenish your scalp again.