Moths are, to many people, mistaken as a butterfly and are merely shooed out of the house. But what people don’t realize is that simply getting them out of your house is not going to help. They may have planted eggs already and that is not good. Your clothes, food and a lot more gets deteriorated, which by extension can affect you. So here are some tips to completely keep your house free from moths.

Vacuuming –

Moth eggs are already present and to get them out, you must first vacuum the place. The larvae can easily be hidden under furniture, in cabinets, under the carpets etc. So thoroughly vacuum the place. Use crevice extensions for the cabinets. Have your clothes washed thoroughly or even dry cleaned.

Cinnamon sticks –

Cinnamon sticks are useful to repel moths from clothes. They can be used for carpets and other such items, but fair warning, they reek of cinnamon. Yes, you’ll have to wash them with great effort to get the cinnamon scent off of the clothes. Nevertheless, they do kill moths.

Cedar –

Cedar is very effective for keeping moths at bay. The fragrance is very appealing and it keeps those pests away. You can buy the wood and have a carpenter cut it up into smaller components. Make sure to get all the sap drained out though, or lese it will just leak onto and stain your precious clothes. You may try for cedar products – like a spray of sorts – but it is not as effective.

Cloves –

Cloves are effective spices to keep moths out of your house. You can put some in your masala cabinets or even on clothes to keep those insects away. But remember to fully wash your clothes after that to keep the aroma of cloves off of your clothes.

Lavender buds –

Lavender buds are definitely the best way to keep moths out of your home as they have a much more pleasant fragrance than the spices, cloves or cinnamon. Plus, many people have found that there have been no signs or traces of moths.

Pheromone Moth traps –

You can always try out these sophisticated and efficient traps. They are available at chemists usually. They attract the moths specifically, so buy based on what moths have infested your home. You can buy them for the ones that have infested your clothing or the ones in your kitchen. Different pheromones attract different species, so buy accordingly.

Extreme temperatures kill the insects –

The technique is quite good. Take the infected clothing and wrap it in a plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator, taking out all the air. Keep it in there for at least 4 days and before you open it again, let it come to room temperature. You’ll find that the cold will have killed the larvae and pupae. Alternately, you can even use an iron and iron the clothes out. The heat will also terminate those insects.