Shaving is a task that is cumbersome at most and regular shaving can sometimes leave you with razor burn. Some people also have highly sensitive skin and cannot use regular razors for shaving or creams or lotions after shaving for soothing the skin. There are number of ways to get relief from a razor burn including simple home remedies that can be easily implemented. Say goodbye to sore or reddened skin and welcome a comfortable, soothing shaving experience with these tips on how to get rid of razor burn. One common way to soothe the skin after a shave is to use some ice and rub gently on your face, or area you have shaved. This works to close the skin’s pores and cools the skin also reducing the irritation experienced.

Coming to home remedies, there is a lot of benefits in using a paste of aloe vera. It is a very soothing alternative to consider and the numerous skin benefits of using aloe vera only add to the appeal of using this method to relieve a razor burn following shaving. Mostly, razor burn occurs when skin is too dry apart from people who naturally have sensitive skin. Aloe vera also moisturises and softens the skin preventing and reducing occurrence of razor burn with regular use. Another old fashioned method of treating razor burns is to mix baking soda with water to form a solution. This can then be applied on the skin with a cotton bud. After five minutes you can rinse the skin and repeat daily or two to three times as required.


Cucumber has wonderful hydrating properties and is also a great anti-inflammatory substance. Containing vitamins C and K two important constituents which relieve pain and itchy skin, it is an excellent home remedy to use when encountering razor burn. You can rub cucumber slices in a circular motion across affected area or make a paste out of pureed cucumber and apply it to receive quick relief from the condition. It can be rinsed off with lukewarm water and applied two times a day for two days for immediate relief from the condition.

Oatmeal a common household item also possesses anti-inflammatory properties in addition to relieving skin irritation as well as itchiness that may arise during a razor burn. Finely ground oatmeal mixed with equal amounts of yogurt provides amazing relief and after 30 minutes following application, it can be rinsed off for the best results. Application of this paste once or twice daily for two days is sufficient to get rid of a razor burn. Precaution and prevention tips include bathing before you shave, keeping the skin well moisturised and also using a good quality shaving cream in addition to shaving in a single direction along the direction of growth of hair. Make sure you also pay heed to any allergies caused due to shaving lotion or razor types as this can also be a reason you experience frequent razor burns after following all steps.