It is not a new knowledge for us that our skin is known to be a seamless organ just like some fine clothing that protects our very own assets. But, you have to just imagine some piece of silk and there is a small tear on it. Surely, there is a big difference on how it totally looks now. That is also the same with our skin.
With just some injuries, burns and other scars on it, it would not be the way it used to be anymore and most people would have a hard time in covering those things on their skin.

The scars might actually come in different sizes and shapes and it would be really impossible that you would like to let people see it totally. If the scar is located in a place where it could be easily hidden then that could be nice but when it’s not then there is a big chance that you are now doing researches on how to get rid of scars easily.

The truth is, it would be really impossible for you to make the scar remove completely but there are some things that you can do to at least minimize the size of it or even change its appearance.

How a Scar Does Occurs?

How to Get Rid of Scars
According to the WebMD, the scarring is actually a natural process that involves the healing of an injury.
This changes the appearance and the treatment could be used would depend in a number of factors. The size and the depth of the cuts or the wound as well as the location of it would do matter. Also, it could vary depending on your genes, age, ethnicity and sex.

The Different Types of Scars and the Treatments

How to Get Rid of Scars
There are different types of scars that you have to note especially that this could help you to determine the treatment you are going to have later on. Those types are the following below:

Keloid Scars – these kinds of scars are the result of aggressive process of healing. They could extend beyond the original cut or injury and as time passes by, this could also hamper your movement. To remove this, there is a need for a surgery and make use of silicone sheets in order to flatten the scar completely. There are also some people who make use of steroid injections for it. But, if you have a smaller kind of keloid, then you can use the cryotherapy for it. This is very common for those people who have dark skin.

Contracture Scars – if your skin was extremely burned then there is a big chance that you have a contracture scars. These kinds of scars are tightening the skins and would impair your ability to move the affected area completely. This could also go deeper and affect your nerves and muscles. Major surgery is needed to remove this.

Hypertrophic Scars – this kind of scar are red and raised scars that could look like the keloids but it don’t usually go beyond the size of the scar. To remove this, there is a need for you to consider injections of steroids which could help in reducing the inflammation. There are also some that would recommend for you to use silicone sheets.

Acne Scars – If you are a victim of severe acne then there is a big chance that you have scars on it. There are different kinds of acne scars which could deep, wavelike or even angular. The possible treatment that would be done for it depends on the kind of acne scar you have.

The Home Remedies

How to Get Rid of Scars
Many people would choose to hide their scars by the use of concealers because they don’t have the money to spend for major surgeries. You don’t necessarily need to hide them forever as there are some natural remedies that you can make use even if you are just in your house. This is the best option to be considered especially if you only have some small scars that you would like to get rid of.

Some of the home remedies may include the following below:

Lemon Juice – you can buy a fresh lemon and cut it into two. Rub the juice of the lemon in the scar. The lemon could work just like natural bleach and it could remove the scars and blemishes. You may also consider drinking the lemon juice for twice every 15 days.
Ice Cubes – if you would like to fade out your scars then you can take an ice cube and gently rub it in the scars. This is a very simple and easy remedy that you can consider.

Rosehip seed oil – this kind of oil is commonly used for making different cosmetic products especially those that could be considered as scar removal creams. You can have few drops of this oil on your fingertips and massage it directly on your own scars. It is recommended to be done at least twice a day.

Tea Tree Oil – this is a very natural home remedy that you can use to remove your scars. This works like magic for your scars but make sure that you will use the diluted one.

Aloe Vera – you can also take an Aloe Vera leaf and cut it into two. There will be a gel inside it and you can apply it directly on your scars.

Almonds – you can make use of at least two to three almonds and soak in warm water. Leave the almonds overnight and peel them off in the morning. Mash them afterwards. You can apply few drops of the rosewater on it and gently apply it on your scars.

Potato – you can use one potato, get the juice of it and rub it off in the scar. This could help to easily lighten up the dark color of the scar.

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