Silver fish are insects that are nocturnal, prefer humid surroundings and also breed in warm weather. They are fast movers making them hard to catch and their diet is starchy food, paper and fabric. These slimy insects can be quite troublesome as they are destructive to personal property, although they don’t bite and cause other concerns. There are quite a few steps you can take when considering how to get rid of silverfish, one of the first is to use a dehumidifier for your home. Insulation, paper, boxes are all areas that tend to be the point of infestation, so be sure to regularly dust or rearrange your book shelves and clear out boxes that will attract such infestations.

There are many natural remedies that can be used which are less toxic than chemical alternatives for dealing with such infestation problems. In areas where you know you have an infestation problem you can install DIY traps which will tackle the silverfish. This includes sprinkling diatomaceous earth or boric acid. Both these substances are effective in tackling the problem. Diatomaceous earth is microscopic and contains micro-creatures called diatoms which bore into insects and shells draining them dry. However with both these alternatives, the traps laid should remain out of reach of children.


Ensure that you fix any and all damp spots in your home. This includes leaks, condensation, water or dampness in basement etc. Humidity is often a great attraction for silverfish. Be sure to use airtight bins when storing paper and completely throw out any you find that are silverfish infested. Use the vacuum cleaner to reach and clean out all cracks and crevices which are points for laying eggs and breeding for silver fish. Ensure that you throw out the vacuum bag after use to completely eliminate re-infestation. Check areas such as behind electrical switchboards, behind appliances, light fixtures, holes where water pipes enter and leave walls, these are some common locations or sites of infestation in many cases.

Ensure that you eliminate food sources of the silver fish and also watch out for silver fish molting remains which are a clear indicator of an infestation problem. You can also look at natural ways that illustrate how to get rid of silver fish if you don’t fancy using chemical or other invasive means. There are several plants that are known to keep out silver fish, one of the best known ones is camphor. Rosemary is also a good deterrent in the herbs category. Costmary sprigs used as bookmarks also deter the silverfish if you place sprigs in book. Another natural deterrent which is used includes cucumber peels. Leave them in areas where you think an infestation may occur, their smell is a strong deterrent that aids in getting rid of silver fish.

In some cases, an infestation problem may be too large. You may have sealed and corrected all other damp areas or food sources, but the problem may still persist. In such instances consider getting professional help in eliminating the silver fish completely. There are many eco-friendly cleaners you can hire if you prefer non chemical methods when deciding how to get rid of silverfish in your home.