There are many different changes occurring in the co system around us. Humans are encroaching into nature with their concrete jungles and construction, leading to more and more of the animal world being found in places they are not seen usually. If you have been struggling with a spider invasion in your home and are wondering how to get rid of spiders, then worry no more. There are plenty of measures that can be taken to have a web and infestation free home. Mostly it is important to understand how these insects function, when planning the best way to eliminate them. Firstly spiders aren’t creatures that like heat, hence during summers they tend to move looking for cooler spaces. This is why they are seen more in kitchens and bathrooms which have ample water nearby to cool off.

Window treatments are a good way to ensure spiders don’t easily enter into your home. Use a solution of ammonia and water and wash the windows both inside and outside with this solution. Also wipe down the entire window including the frame portion with kerosene and paper which will evaporate immediately but leaves a residue that spiders will not cross to enter the home. As an advantage the kerosene also repels flies and mosquitoes.

Another option people use when trying to get rid of spiders is glue boards. These glue boards are available at the local walmart store. Be sure to place them in various corners and cover all rooms of the house and all areas. This is not a great option if you have pets or small kids and can be quite a messy situation to sort out.

Check that you do not have any unsealed cracks in your home or ivy growing wild. Ensure that you get rid of all the clutter such as brown boxes, paper sacks etc are also a good ground for spiders to nest in. Do not leave bedding, towels, clothing etc. on the floor or unattended without airing regularly as this also makes for a good ground for spiders to breed in. Another natural remedy you can use is peppermint spray which can easily be made at home. You can buy the peppermint essential oil and dilute it some and spray your entire home with it.  In addition to ridding the house of spiders, your home will also smell great at all times.

White vinegar is also a good choice to use when spraying your home with a natural repellent. Be sure not to miss any corners or cracks around the house and do a thorough job. If you are pet friendly, consider adopting a cat, they are excellent at hunting and cutting down the spider population significantly. If you do not fancy trying any of these natural remedies by yourself, consider calling in the exterminators who will be able to do a thorough job. With the right methods you will soon have a home free of pests and can relax without fear of any creepy crawlies surprising you.



How to get rid of scars

Skin is one of the most extensive of bodily organs and generally any small cuts on the surface or superficial marks go away by themselves and skin regenerates on its own. However if there is some accident or cuts which occur in deeper layers of the skin, they will very likely leave permanent scars which over time appear whitish. No matter how much make up you use, they still are visible under some lighting and up close, which can really be bothersome. A number of home remedies are there which can completely get rid of the scars over time, alternatively you can also get professional treatment through consultation with a dermatologist if you are worried about how to get rid of scars on your skin.

Cucumber paste is a common home remedy for folks looking up how to get rid of scars. With 90% water, it makes the skin well hydrated and soft with regular use. You can prepare the paste at home or buy it from stores. The seeds of the cucumber are removed and it is well blended or pureed with a few mint leaves and lemon juice. Beat an egg thoroughly and apply on the region with the scars and wash away after drying. Repeat it till the scars fade.

Another common household ingredient for those looking to get rid of scars is lemon juice. It contains alpha-hydroxy acid which is rejuvenating and helps the dead skin cells regenerate over time. It also exfoliates which helps skin return to its normal appearance over time. Apply the lemon juice over the scarred area with a cotton ball and wash with tap water after ten minutes. Avoid direct sunlight after applying the juice as skin can be quite sensitive following this application.

A combination of ingredients such as lemon juice, honey, yogurt and turmeric are also used to treat the scarring on skin. The pack can be applied for about ten minutes and washed away after drying to reveal fresh, moisturised and glowing skin. Onion juice is also a good remedy which has anti-inflammatory properties which stimulates collagen production. Onion juice is known to reduce scarring and is great to prevent and do away with scarring completely over time.  Another ingredient commonly used to treat scars is olive oil, which is high in anti-oxidants and also has high acidity. With essential vitamins that also rejuvenate the skin like Vitamin E and K, it is quite helpful in skin rejuvenation and healing. Gently massage virgin olive oil into the skin regularly where the scars are and wash it away after an hour if you don’t like the oily feeling for best results.

Aloe vera gel and tea tree oil are also used in treating scars on the skin. Aloe vera has very high skin regeneration properties. In the raw and unprocessed state, aloe gel should be applied 2-3 times every day to get best results in treatment of scars. Tea tree oil is quite effective for surgical scars and also scars from acne or accidents. With essential oils, you need to dilute it to reduce the potency of the product before use. With all these natural remedies be sure to track that there aren’t severe skin rashes or outbreaks indicating adverse skin reactions or allergies.