Squirrels are definitely seen to occur in profusion on trees but increasing encroachment of their natural habitat means they are seen everywhere, even in yards and limited open spaces such as the balcony of your apartment. Seeking food and shelter when their spaces are increasingly being encroached upon, they end up in many urban environments. Squirrels look quite endearing but can carry diseases being members of the rodent family and can also damage crops, leave a lot of droppings and they may dig up your flower garden too. If you have been finding them a nuisance, then you must consider the means to be rid of them once and for all. There are many different ways to humanely repel and be rid of the squirrel problems once and for all.

The techniques that worked on one type of squirrels may not work on all, if these are essentially ground squirrels then one way to go about it is by flooding their burrows. When they have no home, they have no recourse but to move out and stay away from the flooded area in search of drier pastures. There are also natural repellents like ground chilli pepper or predator urine which will ward them off. These are however short term alternatives and not ones that will get rid of them for good. There are also bulbs which can be planted in regions you don’t want the squirrels encroaching like around your garden which will effectively keep them away. Anticoagulant, toxins, and bait traps will also accomplish results when used but these are measures in extreme situations. Live traps are a more humane alternative, which could be set up right after their hibernation season is over. The animals will be hungry and take the bait easily and you can then remove them from your property.


A pet that will keep the squirrels off the grounds is also a good alternative. Consider buying a dog or a cat both of which will scare them away and keep them out of your precious garden. Ensure that you do eliminate scraps of food which may be inviting them over in the first place, eliminating the food sources which draw them to your yard will go a long way in you finding a permanent solution to the question, how to get of squirrels. Moreover, some gardeners believe planting cayenne pepper or sprinkling it on the garden area also gets rid of these creatures.

If you find that squirrels are uprooting and wrecking havoc with your plants, weight them down. Mulch the pots or the garden with decorative stones or other heavier pieces which makes it harder for the squirrel to burrow and uproot the plants. Another method is to create protective netting or fencing around the crops and saplings you have planted, the edible plants also need to be protected as this may be a favourite source of snacks for the squirrel. Motion sprinklers around the garden can also give them a wet surprise and keep them off the premises. Do remember to be careful with live traps as squirrels do carry many diseases, avoid getting bitten and take the necessary shots if you do.