Squirrels are just adorable little creatures that are scattered all over the park. They are those ones that pic up nuts and acorns from fallen leaves and eat them right then and there. These squirrels can also be turned into pets once they are taken in domestically. A lot of kids actually prefer these small creatures compared to other pets because they are small and easy to take care of. There are a lot of benefits of having a pet like this especially for children.

how to get rid of squirrels

However, there are times when we grow cold to these creatures because we always see them and they cause a lot of inconvenience and damage. This is especially true with the wild squirrels that live in the streets and the park. Theses ones can go to the households and scatter their trash. They can also go up to the bird houses to eat the bird food.

There are some cases that squirrels were trapped in a chimney. Gardens and lawns are the first victims of these not so cute animals because this is where they usually found food and destroy the arrangement of the garden in the process. This is the reason why a lot of people would consider them more of a pest than a cute little animal.

Getting Rid of Squirrels

At the end of the day, there is just one question to be answered and that is how to get rid of squirrels. Now this does not necessarily mean that you are going to kill these creatures. You just have to drive them away, prevent them from ever disturbing the order of things and control their actions. There is no need to kill them in order to keep things the way they should be.

The good news is there are a lot of ways to keep these squirrels under check. These are safe methods for the squirrel and the person living in that particular area where squirrels are causing some amount of damage. These are also very easy to do and you will not spend a lot of money with these kinds of things. (source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Learn-How-to-Get-Rid-of-Squirrels&id=4621694)

  1. One of the main reasons why the squirrels show up in your area is because they can find enough food in there. We have to remember the fact that these are animals and they will always prioritize survival and the best way to do that is to provide them with food. You can try raking the lawn in order to remove the things that a squirrel can eat like acorns, nuts and other edible material for food.

If there are no such things as these ones around you, their target might probably the trash. Some of us may not mind these things because they are trash. However, once the trash is scattered, do not expect that squirrels from ever fixing it or even bringing the trash the way it was. It would be your job over the other’s doing. Once you’re done taking the squirrel food out of the ground you can, you can place it where they can eat it without disturbing anyone’s garden.

  1. If you have a bird house, you should install bird cage protectors because these squirrels can take the bird food even before the bird gets to the house. You just have to install a roof like metal around the post where the bird house is installed. This will prevent the squirrels from climbing using the post. You should not put the bird house beside a tree or another post where the squirrel can climb. This is because of the fact that squirrels can jump from these places to the bird house.
  1. Instead of driving them away, you can also try to feed them. This will prevent them from going anywhere and causing trouble. It may be a financial sacrifice on your part but his will be a total convenience when it comes to peace and order around your home or your park. You can put squirrel feeders away from the bird house or away from your home. Place the food in these containers and this will be the perfect hang out for squirrels. This will also prevent them from going anywhere to look for food.
  1. You can also motion activated sprinklers. This is very effective since no squirrel would ever want to get wet. The motion activator will work once the squirrels will get inside the established perimeter and will shut down once the movement fades. This process can even water the grass and other plants in the perimeter allowing you to hit two birds in one stone. This is a very good thing to do especially in tropical areas where there are a lot of squirrels and the plants need constant water supply.
  1. Squirrels can also unleash hell indoors. This is especially true when they use the chimney as an entrance. There are a lot of cases in which these squirrels go up the chimney and down into the house. They might smell some food coming from the inside which attracts them.

This will be a very inconvenient scenario especially when you decide to use the fireplace. You would have to remove the squirrels first then light the fireplace up hoping that there would be nothing left or you will end up roasting some of them. You should install wire covering around the opening of the chimney to prevent this from happening. You can also put escape routes like tied up ropes for the squirrels to get out.

  1. You can also install some traps. This is very easy because you just have to put food inside the trap and leave it where they can easily find it. After catching one you should surrender them to the authorities so they would not go loitering around again.

Let us concede to the fact that there are some financial sacrifices that will be done here aside from the effort of putting up the processes. However, by doing all these things you will have ultimate confidence that there would be no further inconvenience on your part.

If you want to know more about getting rid of squirrels or perhaps, you have something in mind; feel free to inform us by posting your comments below.