Among the many problems that a household can encounter are pest problems. Basically, anything that can provide harm or destruct one’s home. Pests can destroy or infest food, clothes, things or equipment at houses or even the whole house itself. However, this article will focus on pest that harm our food specifically sugar and sweets under one’s house. Have you frequently been experiencing the infestation of sugar ants in your kitchen? Do you want to get rid of sugar ants in your kitchen? Learn about the actual methods that actually work.

What Are Sugar Ants?

When it comes to getting rid of house pests, it is important that one should know better about the pests. The most common pests are insects particularly when it comes to house pests and there are about a million species of insects. Thus, one should know the specifics about the kind of house pests which can be an insect that has been infesting one’s home.

Sugar ants are also known as the banded sugar ants. Sugar ant is basically the common name associated to ants that frequently infest sugar and almost any form of sweets. They are known to be small in size which can come in the colors of black and orange. Wikipedia however describes sugar ants as a relatively large ant. Moreover, the name sugar ant is associated to this kind of ants because of its known liking to sugar. But as you might not know yet, this kind of ant also likes savory foods.

Sugar ants are the species Camponotus consobrinus. Its size can range from 2 to 15 mm. The black ones that we usually see are actually the male sugar ants. They are the royal blood sugar ants. The orange on the other hand are the female ones which are also the ant workers.  Now that you know more about sugar ants, you must also know where they are frequently found. In such a way, if you see a sugar ant in your kitchen, you will be able to track down its colony. Thus, you will know where you can actually destroy all the pests in your kitchen or home.

The colonies of sugar ants can commonly be found in a pit or dug in the soil. They are most commonly found in countries such as the US and Australia. Also, they are commonly found in the woodlands and urban areas. Thus, they can be infesting your home. They can inhabit holes in the walls, beneath a rock, soil in your yard. You can easily spot their colony in the soil by the protruding large grain hill.

What Are Ways To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants?

Perhaps the most common method of how to get rid of sugar ants is by using pest baits. Sugar ant baits are widely sold in the supermarkets. Simply buy one on the market and start baiting sugar ants.  Sugar chemical baits are among the most powerful bait that you can use. It can easily destroy sugar ants infesting your home.

If for instance, you haven’t located yet the colony of the sugar ant, you can do so by baiting the ants with sweets and using powder (any form), so that they will leave a trail and you can easily track their colony. Monitoring should be done if one chooses this method. You can then use sugar ant baits. It can be clever to make the ant workers carry the food bait or food poison to the colony.

Other things that you can do are sugar ants’ pest control. This is simple and will only require a common sense to prevent the infestation and even reproduction of sugar ants. It is important to remember that one way to actually prevent pest infesting your home is being sanitary. First off, start by drying or cleaning your kitchen sinks and counter specifically the place or path that sugar ants usually go. Second, mop your floors. Sugar ants, as mentioned earlier, usually inhabit soil. Thus, it can easily crawl on your floors. Make sure that you maintain a dry and clean floor.

Another thing that you can do is bleach your counter tops, sink and as you prefer it, your kitchen. You can buy a bleach solution on the market and make it a habit to wipe your sink and counter tops with the solution. This is best when done at night.

If sugar ants are not only found in your kitchen but also in some parts of your house, then you must assess what are the factors that might cause such. Usually, this happens when members of your household loves eating in many places of your home. Food spills are very much attractive to sugar ants. Therefore, you should limit eating only in the kitchen. Or, make sure that you clean up after eating in some areas of your home. (source:

How To Prepare Homemade Baits For Sugar Ants?

Among the many ways to destruct pests on one’s home is by using home remedies. This is actually simple, conventional and cheap. In fact, one does not necessarily need to pay for it because the needed materials are usually readily available in the home. One can make homemade baits for sugar ants and homemade solution. An example is making a chemical spray by using vinegar or use a baking soda dissolved in water. One can directly spray this in the colony of the sugar ants.

how to get rid of sugar ants

One can also use corn meals as baits for sugar ants. Corn meals are known to be indigestible for sugar ants. Add some sweets to the corn meals to make it more attractive. There are also known sugar ant bait recipes you can create. The most common one is the sugar ant bait recipe made of jelly and boric acid powder. Boric acid is known as a stomach toxic for sugar ants. Thus, creating bait with boric acid powder will definitely kill annoying sugar ants. Another recipe is the grease ant bait recipe which makes use of honey, peanut powder and again, boric acid powder.

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