Sales profession is one thing that always moves fast. In a short period of time, new competitors always emerge, latest products similar to yours are released and before you are aware of this, the race is to the bottom.

It doesn’t matter the type of industry you are currently on. What worked for you some few years back might not be good enough today. Definitely you don’t have a trial and error time, what you have I time to sell. Listed are ways on how to improve your sales goals to ensure your business survive in the competitive market.


Ensure you clarify your mission

First, you need to understand your business niche. What is the best thing you do? Who is interested in what you do? What is the best method to approach these prospects? How much can you pay? These questions need to be answered for clarity.
Break the missions into realistic goals

Note down the activity goals which you can be able to control. Set the result goals to enable you measure the progress and be in a position to closely track them.
Always sell to the Customer needs
Assume that your prospects will always purchase what they are interested in. Always emphasize on the features that reduce cost and solve the customers’ problems.


Maintain and create a favorable attention

Effective referrals, strategic questions, sales skills are essential in creating favorable attention.  Diligently follow through the customer service.
Sell on Purpose

You need to know what you are doing at each of the steps you encounter. Who you are targeting and the reasons why? The things you are going to tell your targets, the questions you will ask them.

Ensure you ask, listen and act

These three words- ask, listen and act summarize success in sales. All your questions need to be planned, creative, direct and relevant. You need to have high listening skills.
Always take responsibility but not credit
You need to realize you are the team leader. The company will always look for you for any direction. In order to create a strong support team capable of going an extra mile whenever you need them to, ensure you give them the credit of all the things that go right and take the blame for the wrongs.

Work on the basics

Even the best still have some room for improvement. Improve on your weaknesses and come up with goals that will drive you do the things that you are always not interested to. Try being more creative in presentation skills, prospecting and fat finding.

Develop your attitude

You ca always control your attitude. Try changing the beliefs that limit your success. You can control your commitment, happiness, persistence, confidence, resilience and enthusiasm using your thought habits.

Always maximize your time

You need to focus on the goals. Take time and test every activity for its urgency and importance. Come u with an ideal schedule. Take not that using one hour in a day can add up to more than six weeks of productive time in a single year.