You must have probably seen countless cartoons where a skunk comes and cunningly lets out an unbearable stink that sends all the characters into a tizzy. It’s even worse in real life.

Skunks look as adorable as any other cute animal out there, but you might as well call it a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but not as ferocious. Though, it makes up for its lack of ferocity with that powerful stinging odour, and vandalizing plants and crops around houses. Skunks are known to be beneficial during farming activities, as they eat a variety of stuff, ranging from rodents, to eggs, to even human garbage. Skunks are found mostly in the USA.

A skunk sprays a mixture of sulphurous oils that hurt the skin, and can also partially blind you. Also, they’re very, VERY annoying creatures if found in your garden, as they dig burrows in their hunt for insects, therefore spoiling the surrounding. Let’s look at ways to drive these creatures out of your way:

  • Traps: This is a no-brainer decision. Completely-enclosed traps will work here. Different kinds of traps are available everywhere. Some of them are Tomahawk Plastic Traps, Dura-Poly Plastic Catch Traps, Odourless ones and Spray-proof traps. Traps can be placed in the evening because skunks are active at night. Get the trap out of there by morning and place it back there in the evening, to prevent unwanted stuff from getting in there. Make sure that you get ample amounts of bait so that the animal gets in there in the first place. Different kinds of packaged bait are available in stores and on the Internet. Also, when you approach a skunk, make sure you wear some form of eye protection, and gloves, because skunks are known to carry rabies.


  • Things that attract a skunk: These things need to be thrown away or kept somewhere indoors: garbage, water bowls, leftover food, pet food etc. This is one way of ensuring that they don’t come near your yard.
  • Motion-sensing sprinklers: If you can afford to get this system, there’s nothing like it. Put them in some sections of your yard where skunks might gather. As soon as a sprinkler detects motion there, it’ll jut out a powerful spray of water that will drive the skunks away. Do keep yourself out of the way of the sprinklers if you want to avoid yourself from getting drenched too.
  • Lights: Skunks are known to hate lights, and this can work in your favour. Place lights around your garden or yard to keep those creatures away. It’ll make them search for a darker and better place to rest.
  • Cover uncovered holes: Make sure skunks do not find ways to get into the yard or the basement in the first place. Use flash wire and metal sheets to seal holes in your basement.
  • Shooting: As the word suggests. Shoot the skunk at sight if you have a gun. It might be illegal in your state or country.
  • Fences: An advantage that we have, is that these furry creatures cannot climb fences. Mesh fencing buried atleast two or three feet below ground will work, because you can’t have them digging their way in when they can’t climb.

These are some of the best methods to keep the stink away and leave you with a skunk-free surrounding.