Everyone wants to be liked and accepted by other people. While some will like you easily, with others you have to strain very hard. However, you cannot force someone to like you even after trying a lot. Majority of the times, people who click easily with one another without giving it a lot of work tend to have a stronger relationship. Therefore, forcing yourself onto someone is not going to benefit you. There are few ways that can help you build that kind of personality that everyone may like. Few tips should always be kept in mind.

Smile: The easiest way to get people to like you is to smile openly. People love being around personalities that are cheerful and happy. This is because being a happy soul is contagious. If you are cheerful your presence alone will make them cheerful even when they are sad. A genuine smile indicates comfort and reliability. Hence, keep smiling to make other like you, since it is the most demanding free action.

Be positive: Spreading optimism will want to make people be around you. No one wants to be around someone who gives out negative vibes. Being positive will also enhance your personality and build a peaceful life. Positive vibes bring calmness from within. People will want to be around you because of those positive vibes which will attract them toward your positive aura.

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Be curious: People love it when they are asked about themselves. Always remember to ask people about their likes, hobbies, opinions, work, etc. this will keep them engaged with you and you will learn a lot about them. This way even they will get to know you more and will create a rapport between the two of you. Overly curious is not suggested as the other person might feel that you are a creep or a stalker. Keep it simple and friendly.

Compliment them: It is advised to compliment people from time to time. Tell them their work was great, they look good, they dress well, etc. Make them feel good about themselves. This way they will want to be around you as you make them feel good about themselves and boost their confidence. However, remember not to over compliment as you would come across to be phony.

Share a secret: People often become close to each other when they share certain secrets. So the best way to move forward is to tell them one of your secrets. This way they would get the feeling that you are trustworthy. Coming across as trustworthy to someone is a huge thing. This means you have gained a place in their hearts.

Help in need: Make sure that they know that you will always be there for them no matter what. This could be done by a simple act of helping them in a minor situation. It could be anything from grocery shopping to lending money. This would make them feel that you are a true friend who will always have their back.

Overdoing the above things is not recommended as it would make the people suspicious and might thing that you are faking it. Always keep it to a certain limit that is socially accepted and believed in. being yourself is primary. Be real, be lovable!