Adversities- an unpleasant or difficult situation, is something each one of faces at some point in our lives. As Lailah Gifty Akita says, “Every great warrior must learn to endure and overcome the adversities of life.” Therefore, regardless of our desire to avoid adversities it does come knocking at our door and we must answer. Struggles are an inevitable part of life, no matter how relaxing and cheerful a person might be. But instead of shunning these difficult situations, you must fight to overcome adversities. The reason for this is while you strive to beat adversities there are qualities that you will eventually develop, which will shape and strength your character. In fact, there is a Greek philosopher by the name of Herodotus, who once said, “Adversity has the effect of drawing out strength and qualities of a man that would have lain dormant in its absence.” Qualities like resilience, perseverance, courage, and others will only surface in during difficult times. But on the flip side, there is a good chance that you might be caught up in self-pity or wondering how unjust life can be. Experience this emotions, is natural and quite human, but you cannot let yourself be caught in it. Take these situations as an opportunity to grow in life, but to help you deal better, given below is a list of guidelines that can aid you to overcome adversities.


Acceptance: The first step to tackle any situation is, acceptance. The more you resist, the more problematic the situation will get. Your acceptance will clear your mind of self-pity and the sense of defeat will fade away. With acceptance comes determination, which you will require while, overcoming adversities.

Be prepared: Just because you have never been placed in a difficult situation before doesn’t eliminate the fact you could be. Therefore, it is wise to be prepared for the worst. You can build your mental and emotional strength and more importantly faith. Faith in yourself and faith in your capabilities to triumph over adversities is what will help you in the long run.

Support System: Along with building your inner strength, it is also necessary to create a strong outside support system. You need to build a dependable support system, other than yourself. In difficult times, this support system can aid you and share the hardship of overcoming adversities. A family is one of the best support systems to have. Other than them, friends are an excellent source of comfort and support.

Resilience: Adversities have the power to crush you if you don’t have a strong resilience built. Though it is widely known that, “What does not kill you will make you stronger”, but it will only make you stronger if you don’t crumble under the pressure. The quality of resilience is like any other muscle of your body. As you gradually you work on it, resilience will grow stronger. But if you keep avoiding difficult situations by taking the easy way out, resilience is a quality that you will never know. More importantly, an unavoidable situation will break you easily hence, resilience is necessary to overcome adversities.