There are many ways to improve traffic generation and one of the best is the use of site analytics, which are more than just visits and numbers. This data is the cue for one’s fan traffic, readers, and audience from connecting with you.

If you can better understand some of the fundamental ways they are currently reaching you, optimizing those same channels can potentially drive way more traffic your way.

Data analytics helps in the following –

  • Identifying the channels from which traffic is coming;
  • Understanding the customer and their conversion path;
  • Make Improvements and customization to mobile, landing, and social page traffic;
  • Revamp the site so as to naturally attract more traffic.

Digital marketing has the aspect of measurability that differentiates it from other traditional marketing channels. Web analytics provides accurate data collection, which not only makes reporting easier but also facilitates better marketing decisions for campaigns. The major uses of web analytics include – collect, measure, analyze, and optimize.


One must first understand the channels from where the traffic is coming, which can be done by checking the website’s most visited landing pages as well as the mediums from which they regularly get new visitors from.

Determining the sites that show high engaged traffic is a critical data from which one can check sites with low bounce rates, high visit durations and higher percentages of new visits.

Use of Analytic Data –

One should put more efforts on pages that have proved to drive higher traffic.

  • Brand exposure building should be consistent on websites that constantly drive visitors. This can be done by becoming more visible and active on sites through the continuous contribution of content contribution or by ensuring that the traffic passes through the website to domain pages.
  • Update the site’s top landing pages especially the ones with low engagement rate to ensure people discover the site/ brand through the pages.
  • Find similar sites to the websites that send the targeted traffic one aims to get to the particular site so as to gain more brand visibility.
  • Traffic generation does not mean only driving new traffic to the website but also involves growing the audience with updated and new content, interactive communities, free web-based product or services and making the brand’s products visible on the key pages.


  • Optimizing the websites for mobile devices that converse with the site by making it more responsive so as to yield results from mobile versions of the site. This can significantly impact the site’s ranking on mobile search, which is slowly taking up digital marketing.

Also, improving the mobile site’s loading speed can help better traffic growth. In addition to the above, building the site features targeted to mobile users helps in this. Including better formats of content such as video, audio, PDFs or mobile applications are proven to be helpful.

  • Social media is another means to attract traffic, which is done by building the website’s base on other social platforms, which are more interactive in nature. Content targeted to social media should be uploaded like original images on Pinterest or sharing presentations on Slideshare.